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Aug 4, 2008 12:20 PM

Out on the town- fun drinks in D.C.

Just looking for a fun, snazzy place to grab well-crafted drinks for two college students. One a serious lightweight- think glass of wine or equivalent, the other a fan of scotch and authentic concoctions. Thanks!

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  1. I would check out PS7 in Chinatown. If you go during Happy Hour the drinks are much cheaper and you can sample some of their delicious bar menu items (ex: tuna tartar sliders and mini-half smokes.)

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      PS7 is good, and defininately has the concoctions you mention (5-7 PM). another choice might be the Science Club (5-8 PM) on 19th near L NW (liitle booths for 2 up front if you get there early enough) appetizers don't live up to PS7's choices though. if the weather isn't completely disgusting, the courtyard at Poste is cool in a minimal, classic way (4-7 PM).

    2. If you venture to PX in Old Town you'll find some of the finest crafted cocktails outside NYC. Mrs. Monkey had an amazing "Smoker's Delight" cocktail made from a smokey single malt, a single drop of distilled tobacco essence, and an "icecube" made from a piece of frozen honeycomb.

      728 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314

      1. Some advice-

        If I were you and could go out in Alexandria instead, I would try to go to PX. The nice thing is all the drinks are so well crafted that your authentic concoction drinker will be really happy, on the other hand the drinks are so tasty that your lightweight friend won't feel bad because it is more of a slow sip and enjoy your drink environment because the drinks are so amazing, and you end up no matter what wanting to share. The drinks are not cheap I think like 10-13 per drink, but you will likely only have a couple and it is well worth it. You can also grab dinner before downstairs at Eammons Dublin fish and chips place which will balance off the price of the drinks, or the Pita House which is also pretty cheap, but good Middle Eastern.

        PS7 is also good, and Oya has some interesting drinks too like their dark and stormy.

        Rasika has a great drink menu, but the bar scene isn't as fun as PS7 and Oya, but the drinks are better.

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          A word of caution about PX, is that is a "speakeasy" so not always open. You can go into the bar of Restaurant Eve (owned by the same people) and get the same kinds of drinks (although I don't think the drink menu is as extensive).

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            Well you have to make reservations, but it is open most anytime people would normally be going to a bar.

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            I second Bar Pilar on Tuesdays. I would also check out the bar at Central- my personal favorite for cocktails in DC.