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Aug 4, 2008 12:19 PM

Way too spicy chicken - salvagable?

I bought this great habanero/barbecue marinade, but when I went to use it last night I left my chicken pieces in it for waaaay too long. The meat is nice and tender and juicy, but it's so hot I can barely eat it - and I love spicy food. I managed to get down one piece for dinner with the aid of a bottle of hard cider & a big bowl of rice, but my mouth was burning in a big way. Any suggestions on how I might salvage what's left, or should I just cut my losses and toss it?

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  1. you're not the only hound who seems to have over-seasoned their chicken lately!

    granted it's a different issue, but the same principle applies. distribute the heat throughout a greater volume of food to lessen the impact.

    try cutting up the chicken into bite-size pieces & tossing into a veggie saute served over rice or pasta. a sauce made with coconut milk or a little cream will help cut the heat.

    or make a bean chili [sans hot spices], cube the chicken & mix into the chili, & serve over rice, noodles, or a baked potato [garnish with fresh cilantro & maybe a dollop of sour cream or a little grated cheese]. not very summery, but tasty nonetheless ;)

    1. I second the cream sauce husband makes a blackened chicken Alfredo that's to die for, but the chicken is practically inedible on its own.

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        Yes I make a chipotle cream with alfredo sauce and mushrooms over fettuccine and tossed with scallions and olives. What I'd probably do is cut up in pieces hold it seperately, add butter to a saute pan,some shallot, then garlis last, then white wine, add tomato puree, water, chicken broth, reduce it a bit, add cream, and some butter. Toss with fresh parsley.
        or make a salad with fresh greens, make a sour cream dressing with cilantro & basil and lime, lots of guacamole. Man habanero, that chili pepper is just too hot for me.

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          That sounds amazing. Thanks for the tips!

      2. Is this skin on? If so, you may find a lot of the heat is in the skin. Just peel it off.

        1. along the same lines of cream sauces/dairy--if you think the flavor profile would work, coat the chicken with plain yogurt. you can then eat the chicken hot or cold, with some more rice or bread. if it's still too hot, add more yogurt. you can add cucumbers to the sauce for more cooling power, but still get the nice habanero sauce flavor.

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            Second this yogurt suggestion.

            But, really, what's wrong with just drinking more hard apple cider? :-)

          2. Turn it into spicy chicken salad. Add mayo, chopped celery and/or bell pepper, etc.. May also be good if you can fnd a sweet fruit to add in order to cut the hot. Perhaps apricots or mandaris oranges would be good with the habenero. Mix all together and serve in wraps or on a crusty roll.