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Aug 4, 2008 12:16 PM

La Petite Rive in Little River?

Anyone tried it? I'd love to hear what it's like and what you thought.

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  1. No we haven't eaten there yet, but it's been highly recommended by the innkeepers at the Joshua Grindle Inn in Mendo where we stay every Thanksgiving. It turns out that the current owners are the son and daughter-in-law (or is it the other way?) of the original owners of the same restaurant when it was the Little River Restaurant many years ago. It was terrific then, and we understand that it's really good now.

    Check out:

    1. Yes - my husband and I celebrated an incredible eveing at La Petite Rive, with little more than the recommendation that 'it's VERY good!". We arrived for the 5:30 pm seating, and enjoyed each bite of what my former chef/husband calls 'the best meal he's ever had!'. The atmosphere is intimate and lovely; the food is exceptional in every way, and each new course is like a wonderful journey of the senses. I am NOT a foody, but I, too, was SO impressed with the eye-opening creativity of tastes and textures. I had the scallops, while my husband had the filet mignon - each cooked to perfection. The local wines were exceptional in both taste and value. We finished off with coffee and mango cheesecake, and walked out with ridiculous grins from every moment of the experience. I recommend this quaint spot - easy to miss in its location. The chefs aim to please, and they succeeded to the utmost! Enjoy yourselves - we will be back!

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        thank you both for your replies. I knew the previous owners and it was one of my favorite places to dine, but then it closed and went through a strange incarnation. Can't wait to try and I'll spread the word too.

      2. We had dinner at La Petite Rive this past weekend and it was excellent. The place is tiny (6 tables!) so it's important to book early. The menu is of course limited, but everything was very good. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the prices for this quality are very reasonable. We will definitely return!