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Aug 4, 2008 11:39 AM

The Zep -

Perusing the Philly Mag -Best of- issue and became fixated on the Zep.
It's not a hoagie they say..but akin to, and I think pretty much unique to the Norristown vicinity..the mag had a little blurb and seeing as I hadnt had a zep in a while..and I was driving past, and there it there I went...

In I go..1 medium zep, with peppers. The place..think oldie counter diner in a row front store. Table out front, bunch of old types drinking coffee, BSing. Cool

Zep = cooked salami, sliced onions, tomato, provolone on a conshy roll. Yum. Very good. I recommend. And 5 bucks to boot... Good call philly mag.

I think a zep kick is in the works...any other places you might recommend?

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  1. Try Lou's Steaks&Zeps on E. Main St in Norristown.

    1. whoopsie...Lou's Steaks & Zep is where i'm referring to....

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      1. re: GBak504

        Suggestion seconded.

        And, if I remember right (it's been a while since I lived there), it's almost impossible to get a zep that's NOT good in ANY of the old, established Norristown places.

        (I think the Tuna Zep is kind of a Norristown specialty as well, yes? You never hear about a Tuna Hoagie, but every place in Norristown serves a Tuna Zep.)


      2. Eve's Lunch is open again at the new place on E. Johnson Hwy. I give her credit for the original Norristown zep.

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        1. re: Chefpaulo

          That's the place that used to be on Sandy Hill Road, yes?

          Where on Johnson Highway is it these days?


          1. re: Redstone

            Eve's is east of Dekalb pike...past the catholic high school and a block or so past Old Arch's on the right side (going east) in a newer brick building.

            1. re: Adenn1

              Ahh, Eve's! Havent been there since they moved, but I heard they are as good as ever.

              When you go to a little hole-in-the-wall place at 3 pm on a Monday, and they are still packed, you know it's good!

              BTW, I grew up in Norristown and had many a heated argument with my Norristown born and bred Dad regarding a True Zep. I always thought it was simply an Italian Hoagie minus lettuce, but it's not.

              Does Eve's still hand slice their onion to order in nice thick slices? To me, that was their signature and made them stand out from the competition.

              1. re: 94Bravo

                My zep had about the thickest slice of Spanish white onion I ever had on a sandwich. None of this paper thin stuff. A true zep (IMHO) requires the thick onion to give it crunch. Otherwise, douse with oil and oregano and call it a hoagie. (Eve's should provide a Certs dispenser on the way out.)

              2. re: Adenn1

                Hey, thanks. I used to live at the corner of Plymouth Road and Park drive, just up the street from there!