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Wellfleet and Vicinity Recs

Heading down for a week. Some of the places considering to eat when we don't want to BBQ are: Abba if we want a "special" meal, Moby Dick's and Friendly Fisherman for fried food/lobster rolls, Wicked Oyster and Black Fish (Truro). Also might consider the Beachcomber. Places I want to avoid: Finely JP's and Bookstore (I have tried and did not think much). Also, although Arnold's is good, the lines are way too long and I think the alternatives are as good.

How are our choices and is there any place else I should include or subtract? Thanks in advance.

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  1. so far so good..now get to work and eat and report back here..(grin)..

    1. We've just returned from Wellfleet for a long weekend with friends. Besides lunch at Friendly Fisherman and 2 dinners at Arnold's (one very early, one very late), we had brunch at Wicked Oyster (excellent French toast, using a freshly made brioche, and real maple syrup) and an excellent dinner at Black Fish. Just FYI, Black Fish was very crowded, and very noisy, even at 9:45 when we had dinner. I had panko crusted sole, served over cauliflower mash and asparagus, all delicious (though lots of butter, you could tell), and very reasonably priced at $21. I also had a "special" salad of heirloom tomatoes, with warm burrata and slices of purple basil, drizzled with 5 year old balsamic. It was delicious, but I was surprised on the bill when it was $17. All in all, a great find, but I'd ask the price of any specials before I ordered them.

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        I wholeheartedly concur with Blackfish in Truro Center, and Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet. Cannot wait to go back!

      2. I would include a meal at Winslow Tavern and Duck Creek Tavern, both in Wellfleet. We are hoping to get to Black Fish this Sept.

        1. You probably already know about Macs- we like to go to the one on the harbor. Mac's Shack has good food but the service can be slow. There is a place on Rt 6- PJs?- that has good fried fare. We just heard about a pizza and ice cream place in Truro that is supposed to be good. Totally agree on Finely JPs though we have never been to the Bookstore. I am compiling similar research for our annual trip so am interested to hear other recommendations.

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            I second Mac's in the harbor, for casual food it can't be beat; there is a huge and varied menu and all of it is wonderful.

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              I have eaten at 'Finely JP's" a nunber of times and found the food and service very good. In the summer, the lines to get in can back up after 6pm, but this has improved with their enlarged seating capacity.I guess the Zagat rating has people coming in.
              The 'Bookstore" is another story.................slow service and what I think is an overpriced, "under tasting" menu.
              Winslow's Tavern in the former 'Aesops Tables" building is very good. The same folks own "Moby Dicks". Winslow's is nice since they do serve tavern fare such as burgers and lobster rolls as well as standard full meals.
              A new pizza place has opened on Commercial Street just passed Mid Cape center. I believe its called "Wellfleet Pizza"............you can eat in or take out and the Pizza is thin crust style and very good. Also have Calzones.
              Mac's Shack also on Commercial Street is good for informal seafood...fried etc.......and a great raw bar!
              Breakfast is great at the "LightHouse" on Main Street.....try the blueberry pancakes!!
              The "Wicked Oyster" as indicated by others is always a good choice...........for lunch or dinner.
              PJ's clam shack on RT 6 serves good fried clams etc.........but not as good as Arnold's or "Friendly Fisherman in Eastham in my opinion. The ice cream is great though!
              And if you like BBQ.try "Marconi Beach Restaurant" on RT 6 in South Wellfleet.In addition to the standard ribs , chicken, brisquette etc BBQ, they do have seafood and pasta dishes. This place really piles on the food.........so most people wind up with doggy bags.
              "Van Rensselaer's also on RT 6 is probably the last place around with a great salad bar. Don't bother with appetizers here since salad bar is abundant.They have great specials and do up great prime rib...........as well as seafood.They also have a great buffet breakfast on Sunday mornings.
              "D'Italias's" just passed "Van Rensselear's" on RT 6 has great Pizza, sandwiches and Italian food. Also on Saturday nights they often serve up Prime rib as specials.

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              We just came back- I loved the onions rings and fried fish at PJ's. My cousin lives in Truro and she was raving about the new Sweet Some thing ice cream place on Rte 6. I did have a nice cone of ice cream there - one of the three varieties of coffee. Cousin says the pizza is excellent. We also went to Clem and Ursies (PJ's was better) but they have a full bar and the oysters were good. Fanzinni's for dinner- had a wonderful scallop scampi dinner there.

            3. I would definitely add Terra Luna in Truro to your list.

              1. p.s. here's a link to Townsend's http://townsendseafood.com/Menu.html
                they offer a lobster bake...

                1. Does anyone have a link to BlackFish menu or, if not, can you post their prices?

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                    I can't post prices for BlackFish, my memory is just not that good, but they were more reasonable than a lot of the nicer restaurants in Ptown. We spent $186 before the tip for two, with about $80 of that on the wine/bar tab and a foie gras added in between the apps and dinner. I seem to recall about $10 - $18 for apps, $19 - $34 for entrees. Really great meal, we're looking forward to going back ASAP, although some menu selections as well as the preparation of some of the dishes seem more appropriate for cooler weather. If noise bothers you ask to sit in the back when you make your reservation, it's a little quieter back there - plus it's very beautiful.

                  2. I would definitely second Abba and Wicked Oyster. I think that Mac's shack on commercial street is also a good choice, especially for simply prepared fish and easy venue for wellfleet oysters. I find the Mac's at the pier to be a little underwhelming, though the location and the option of bringing your own beer or wine is hard to beat. I think that they're sometimes overwhelmed in the summer and, for instance, the fish and chips can lose some of its crunch by the time it gets to you. The oyster po'boy, on the other hand, is fantastic. For the standard Cape fried foods, I've had good luck at PJ's on Rt 6. The food at Winslow's is really only so-so, but the bar upstairs is a fun place to have a drink.

                    For those of you who have access to kitchens wherever you're staying, both the Wellfleet Market and Hatch's (in the town center parking lot) have great local fresh seafood. You can even make your own lobster rolls for a third of what everyone else charges. Hatch's also often has free lobster bodies if you're up for making lobster stock (which in my opinion is totally worth it).

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                      Bikey, thank you for saying it: food at Winslow's is so-so. Still can't get over that Aesop's is gone -- it was one of my favorite places on the Cape. I gave Winslow's a shot -- not even close to what Aesop's was doing.

                    2. We go to Wellfleet too, and we eat at all of the places that you mentioned (esp. Moby Dick's w/kids). I'd add the Flying Fish Cafe (Briar Lane) as a place I stumbled upon via their takeout pizza (which is really good) a few years ago. When picking up the pizza, I noticed their other menu items and tried an entree salad on my next visit. It's a favorite place now, as it's an easy place to go w/children and still get really great food. Very comfortable, super-casual, but still a fabulous warm salad w/seared scallops and bacon vinaigrette (plus a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting).

                      Also like Mac's.

                      Love the Beachcomber, but not as a food destination (though I've never had a complaint about their food). It's more of a Sunday evening/Incredible Casuals thing, as often as possible, and getting there early to have dinner. That place is heaven on earth.