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Aug 4, 2008 11:16 AM

Saying Goodbye to NYC (at least for a while)

On Monday I move to Charlottesville, VA to begin my MBA. After living on the Lower East Side for 5 great years I have countless memories of some of the neighborhoods restaurants. So I'm a bit torn about what to do for my last meal in Manhattan. My new girlfriend is coming to the city for my going away happy hour this Friday, after which we plan on going to dinner. It's a bit special for her as well as most of her trips have been to the Upper East Side - she's every bit the foodie I am and totally incredible so I'd also like to show her the Manhattan I know and love.

I've yet to eat at WD-50 although I've been dying to go for years but wonder if I'll be happier eating at one of my old favorite places. I moved out of the city when my lease ended in June and have since finished my first Ironman so at this point any meal is going to be great.

So hounds what do you think - try something new for the last meal or go somewhere that has always brought a smile to my face. The new would be WD-50 or Allen & Delancy, the old favorites are Little Giant, Spotted Pig (yes I know that is in the WV), or Apizz.

Thanks for all the great suggestions over the years!

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  1. I'm assuming that you've been to Ssam, but if I were leaving NYC, I'd be sure to stop in for some pork buns, if nothing else. BTW - I had some great Thai a bit of a drive from C'Ville, and when you find time, and have a craving, I certainly recommend a drive down:

    I'd go somewhere that is sure to put a smile on your face, rather than try something new, though I've been wanting to try Allen & Delancy.

    1. Personally, I would go to an old favorite for my last meal. And if you decide to try someplace new, Allen and Delancy by a long shot. Judging from the restaurants you listed as your favorites, it's really up in the air whether you would like WD-50. I find that the food is kind of either you love it or hate it. So while the food at WD-50 is something you probably wouldn't find in Charlottesville, I would do something safer for you last meal in NYC.

      Good luck with your move and your new school!

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      1. re: Miss Needle

        Well favorite is Babbo but I'm already living on loans :)

        Little Giant, Spotted Pig and Apizz are some of my favorites because of how casual and comfortable the restaurants are and that they turn out great food. The creative style of WD-50 would be incredible but I'm wondering if that's better served for a trip back to the city rather than my last meal when I have such a connection to the neighborhood.

        1. re: wingman

          I probably would save the WD-50 for another time. I think it's something to experience at one point, but probably not for a last meal. I did like Allen and Delancy a lot. Dark, romantic -- casual yet special-occasion-like. Slightly goth. The food was excellent, and I think you'll like it.

          I know you're living on loans, but I'd probably go all out on Babbo if that is your favorite. You'll hopefully be raking in the big bucks when you graduate. : )

      2. I would pick an old favorite, though I do agree that A&D could certainly be trusted for a great meal. It's romantic, too.

        But I mostly just wanted to say hi cause I got to see Charlottesville this year for Foxfield, which is basically a giant frat party in a field. Extra fun when it rains. Congrats on UVA!

        1. I agree on hitting an old favorite - and if they're old favorites, you can't go wrong!

          Or you may just go on an extended eatabout. A little of this, a little of that each of which brings you a memory.

          Good luck Wingman! We'll miss you on this board!

          1. Hi wingman,

            Congratulations on your MBA. I am trying to think of a way so that you can enjoy the best of both world, and here is what I think you can consider:

            1. Before the happy hour, will you be doing lunch with your gf? since WD-50 is open for lunch now on W, Th, and Fri, it fits with your happy hour timing. You can do WD-50 lunch, happy hour, then dinner at your one of your old favorites.

            2. Go to your old favorite for dinner, then WD-50 for dessert tasting. Afterall, the dessert tasting seems to be the best of WD 50 and well-liked by most people.

            Either way, you won't risk having a bad dinner, and still manage to try WD 50.

            Good luck in VA!