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Aug 4, 2008 11:10 AM

Chopped Liver in Edmonton or Calgary?

I lived in Ontario for several years and am dying from the lack of deli food here! Does anyone know where to get some chopped liver? I am in Edmonton but would travel to Calgary, if need be (it's a trip, to be sure, but closer than Ontario!)

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  1. The only place I've had chopped liver recently in Calgary was at My Marvin's on 4th St and 23rd Ave SW. It was OK, not super delicious but I'm not a huge fan of chopped liver (it doesn't taste anything like foie gras) but if you like chopped liver it might be fine. I & my buddy ate it all, I think it had rye bread and onions with it. I've never had it in Edmonton.

    1. Hi Teejay - I thought I remembered that The Continental Treat over on Whyte Ave does liver and onions and yup, although according to their website's menu they serve liver, sausage and onion on a bed of noodles. I'm not sure if this is quite what you're going for, but I thought I would mention it.

      1. Again I lament the closing of the Hello Deli. It was the place for chopped liver and many other great deli treats. I am very hard pressed to think of what I would consider a real Jewish deli in Edmonton.

        I remember having good food in the Jewish Hall on 156 Street. I found a website for the folks who run the kitchen. Maybe give them a call and ask about chopped liver.

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          as would I pengcast

          I was trying to remember Hello Deli but until your post could not recollect its name.

          What was the Druid before it became the pub? Dagwoods or Bumsteads...I used to go there from time to time and they did have chopped liver.

          Perhaps Teddy's.

          I have never been to that spot between Argyll and the Whitemud on 75 Street I think that is half east Indian and half Montreal styled smoked meat so do not know what they are like.

        2. There are a few places (Barb and Ernie's and Continental Treat) to get liver and onions - which is good, but not the same as chopped liver. Teddy's doesn't have it. Indeed, I wish we had a Jewish deli! The Jewish Hall does not list it on their menu but I have asked anyways. Thanks for the tip on My Marvin's. That can be a last resort :)

          1. There is a great Jewish deli in Oakridge (Calgary) on Palliser Drive. They have real chopped liver sandwiches for take-out. Lots of other really good stuff, too. Can't remember the name - Haifa, maybe.

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              Some more info

              Haifa Deli
              6, 3109 Palliser Dr. SW
              Calgary, Alberta
              $8.50 for a chopped liver sandwich according to their online menu.