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Aug 4, 2008 11:09 AM

Dinner in Portland ME

We will be staying in Oqunquit for 5 days(as we have been for the past three summers) and have never taken a ride to Portland for dinner. About how long a ride and is it worth it? If we decide to take the drive where would you recommend dining? My husband is on a special diet and needs very simply prepared fish/chicken entrees. What about Fore Street or Street & Co.?

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  1. You probably won't be able to get into Fore St. at this time of the year. You will definitely find simple and delicious fish at Street & Co., including their signature "skillet" presentation of sole, although once again, reservation may be a problem. Probably take you ~ 1 hr. from Ogunquit, including the challenge of parking on Commercial St.

    1. 45 minutes tops from Ogunquit to Portland and there are many places worth the visit. Fore Street has some simply prepared dishes (Pork loin, chicken, fish) although they are seasoned well (salt, pepper, etc.). I ate there the other night, no reservation, sat at the bar and had an excellent meal. Parking is not really an issue if you don't mind a 5 minute walk. If you do, there is a parking garage 2 minutes away ($1 an hour I think) on Pearl street. and a lot across the street for 5 bucks. Also consider Emilitsa's for upscale Mediterranean Greek on Congress Street (think very fresh fish with olive oil and herbs), Caiola's on Pine Street. Street and Company will work as well but will probably be the hardest to get seated at prime eating times (smaller than Fore Street).

      1. We ate at the Front Room last week. I don't think catering to special requests would be a problem. Food was really good ( described it in my post on this board, Maine Coast trip [long}) and an easy walk to the East Promenade.

        1. White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport

          in Portland if you are lucky to get a reservation
          Fore Street or Street & Co.

          1. The Grill Room has an a la carte menu with wood fired or grilled choices of whole fish of the day, tuna, salmon or chicken breast (as well as steaks, lamb etc.) that would most likely accomodate his diet. You shouldn't have a problem getting a reservation.