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Aug 4, 2008 10:55 AM

China Pearl Woburn closed?

Friend went to go to CP woburn today and found it falling apart, locked up and empty. I called and no answer or message. Anyone know whats up? Are they moving? Rebuilding? Or just gone?

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  1. No great loss as far as I am concerned. Maybe a good Chinese place will open in its place

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    1. re: RoyRon

      used to enjoy having it as an occasional option for suburban dimsum when we didnt feel like the trek into boston

    2. I went there Thursday. When I went in, the main dining room was closed up but there were people eating in the bar. No buffet, but apparently you could order food. The funny thing was that there was no sign/message about what was going on. Most people I saw just walked in and out.

      I'd be sorry if it goes. There's nowhere else in the 'burbs for dim sum that even approaches Chinatown.

      1. My husband, son, and I went for Dim Sum on Saturday and the place was packed with all tables full and several people waiting at noon.

        1. Called today and they said they are still open and doing dimsum on the weekends so i have no clue what was/is happening there! Yesterday i called several times and no answer!

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          1. re: hargau

            Maybe they are just closed on Monday? I was by there today and noticed that the sign is broken and it looks pretty worn down.

            1. re: PrincessBakesALot

              Possibly but that doesnt explain what Dinsdale found on a Thursday and my friend said that when he went Monday that the Hours sign that used to be in the doorway was gone and that when he looked through the windows he thought furniture was gone as well. Maybe they were doing some painting or new carpets or something, who knows.

              1. re: PrincessBakesALot

                We work nearby, and a colleague who's a semi-regular at their bar says that it's under new management--the bartender bought the place.

                We are going to organize an expedition today (a Monday) and see if it's open. It has gotten run down, but I think they have been doing some renovations. For instance, I swear the "CHINA PEARL" sign on the rear-facing side of the roof was down to just a few letters left, but now it reads "CH NA PE RL", a BIG improvement. Not sure what the front looks like, as we always come in from rear parking lot.

                Will report back in after lunch.

                1. re: vanhoosear

                  The sign on the door said "CLOSED SUNDAYS AND MONDAYS". I suspect he's picking the two slowest days to do some renovations.

                  1. re: vanhoosear

                    Interesting. I would have thought Sunday was the busiest day. Its the only day i ever went and it was always packed for dimsum. Thanks for the report.

            2. No, definitely not closed! It has been bought by Wei, the bartender, and he is making great improvements. The food is still excellent, dimsum is packed on Saturday and Sunday. They will even have dimsum for lunch on Halloween. Every weekday they have a lunch buffet which is only like, 9 bucks. I highly recommed this place!

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              1. re: Catherine1

                Thank goodness! My mom took me to China Pearl when I first arrived in Boston and I thoroughly enjoyed it, granted it was a little decrepit, but the dim sum was great. I can't wait to see Wei's improvements.