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Aug 4, 2008 10:18 AM

Guan Dong House

A non posting hound recommeded this to me.

Finally got to go Guan Dong House in Curpertino for Northeast Chinese food.

Had read posts by KK and Melanie Wong but never had time until last week.

Found the food good, protions huge and cheap.

They havea a steam table where you could get three itema with rice and soup for $5.95.

But we order three items that I normally do not have with the boys.

Cabbage with Meat Ball in Hot Pot 8.95

Would serve eight people mini pork meat balls Napa cabbage a good broth and lot of it.

Spicy Intestine in Pot, 8.95, this one my favorite dishes. Pork blood, other intenal organs and tofu in a spicy red sance. Like the one at Joy’s (Foster City) but tripe the size and about the same price. Taste is on the spot.

Finally Mongolian Beef, $7.95, very good item. Lot of green onions, onion and peppers with a good protion of beef.

Should be back soon to try the corn cakes. For got this item until someone else order them.

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    1. The corn cake dishes at Guan Dong House are wonderful. The chicken variety is my favorite. Seems more like a fall/winter meal with the huge wok full of simmering chicken, mushrooms and other veggies in a beautiful, thick broth. The longer it sits the more intense the broth gets. And the corn cakes are perfect for sopping up the sauce. It's plenty for two people though we always overdo it and order one more thing anyway.

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        Corn cakes or millet? (wowotou - 窝窝头)?

        1. re: Xiao Yang

          It was discussed before here:

          I actually have the takeout menu copy in front of me:

          The Corn Cakes are listed under: Guan Dong Yi Kuo Tsu (one pot out) - listed as Guan Dong Special

          They are all $12.95 each and they are listed each as tieh bing zi in Chinese

          With Fish
          Chicken and Mushroom
          Spare Ribs and Green Bean
          Pork Blood and Preserved Cabbage
          Lamb and Preserved Cabbage
          Pork and Rice Strips

      2. Are the corn cakes eaten alone or added to the broth. The Mercury New reviewer may not have known how to eat them ...

        "From the restaurant's specials list, we chose corn cakes served with chicken and mushrooms ($12.95). The steamy caldron of broth, chicken and mushrooms was impressive, but the corn cakes lacked flavor until my companion suggested that I use them to soak up the broth. That was an improvement."

        And even then at the bottom of the review it is advised to skip them.

        Guan Dong House
        10851 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

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          The corn cakes are served along the edges of the wok. You get six or seven of them but, beware, they really fill you up. By themselves there's nothing much to them but ripped in half or into smaller chunks and stirred into the broth they add much depth. Or you can just dunk them.

          1. re: rworange

            In some areas of Chinese rice is not served and are replace by noodles, bread and in this case by corn cakes. So the corn cakes are used in place of rice and can soak up soup and gravies.

            But at Guan Dong there are upgraded corn cakes with added ingredients so that they stand better better on there own.

            1. re: yimster

              yimster, I wish I had read your post earlier. Stopped last weekend for a late lunch and now wish we had ordered corn cakes instead of rice. We didn't order the cakes because we were afraid they'd be too filling and we wouldn't be able to finish what we did order: sizzling seafood platter, pork/green bean soup and dumplings (one order is a dozen!). Guan Dong will now be our first choice over HC Dumpling.

              One observation: parking can be a hazardous booger. I saw a guy in a BMW back into another car parked across the narrow aisle from him and just take off as if nothing happened - too far away for me to get his plate. He left a huge crease in the car he hit. I'll not be taking the weekend car here . . .

          2. I poked my head in here yesterday when I went to Ten Ren. I'd thought I might get something Dongbei on the three-fer to take away in the spirit of the Beijing Olympics. However, the items available didn't really grab me this time. The ones I remember were stir-fried potato and bell pepper strips, long beans with red sweet peppers, tofu gansi, white meat chicken in red oil, roasted peanuts, and husband and wife combination (beef shank and tripe in chili oil).

            1. After a field trip of a San Jose Club I was asked to host and order a dnner for the group. My challage was to pick a place no one had been and was good. So I pick Gong Dong which some in the group had heard of but had not tried.

              We had 11 people for dinner.

              Gong Dong set family dinner for 10 @ $118--11 course dinner.

              Baby Bok Choy and mimi meatball soup
              A mild pork meat ball soup with really baby choy, which I have had before. We were able to get over fourteen bowl of soup (served twice on a few

              Ming bean noodles with mixed vegtables
              Fun size noodles with shreeded pork pickled vegetable in a mild chili sauce.

              Cold platter, with stuff pork shank, five spice beef tendon, perserved eggs, matchstick potatoes, and one item which skips my mind.

              Whole Tea Smoked Duck.
              This was one of the better verison of tea smoked duck I have had. Moist, crispy, and large.

              Lamb Clay Pot
              The other winner wonderful mutton flavor need to order on order just for me.

              Potato Chicken Clay Pot
              Stewed Chicken with in a dark broth good but I was not use the taste, but I could learn to like it.

              Stir Fried Pea sprouts with garlic.
              Fresh large leaves and cooked prefectly.

              Fried Flat (not sure of the English name I will check into it) Fish in Sweet chili sauce.
              Too boney for most but the flesh had a fresh sweet taste.
              Shrimp in a Sweet Hot chili Sauce.

              Pork Shank in Brown Sauce not Shangahai sweet sauce.
              Huge tender pork shank in a light brown sauce not sweet. Very nice.

              Deep Fried Sweet Potatoes.
              This the only disappointment of the meal. The dish was fine but the lack of service made this made this dish a failure. We should have had a large bowl of ice water to cystralize the potatoes. But were given one rice bowl of ice water. Was not able to make the dish work.

              There was so much food that we were not able to eat all the food. Elevn of us could only eat about 75% of the food. We could have feed two more.

              In defense of the Gong Dong was packed. Need to return to check out the other two set dinner. I was not able to read them I hope some other hound will take care of that for the board. They also had set dinner for 4 and 6 for 58 and 78. Did not get the translations.

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                $118, that's quite a deal for 10 people! And good too, can't beat that.