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Aug 4, 2008 10:11 AM

Who Won Morimoto/Ophaso Iron Chef Last Night? [SPOILER]

Did anyone watch the Morimoto/Tyson Ophaso ep last night? I watched and switched during a commercial and missed the scores dammit. I assume Morimoto, but I need to know. Thanks!!

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  1. Morimoto won in a clean sweep...I forget the exact scores but he won every catagory.

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    1. re: Bunson

      It was something like 56-44, clean sweep for Morimoto

      1. re: cigarmedic4

        I record it and watched last night. Final score was 53 - 44 Morimoto.

        I wanted to try every dish he made. They looked wonderful!

        1. re: Dee S

          Agree with you--Morimoto's dishes all looked amazing. I spent about 1/2 hour or so poking around FN's website to see if they've posted his recipes. Do they ever post the Iron Chef recipes? (The other recipe I want is for Symon's blueberry ribs from his "Boardwalk" episode of Dinner Impossible.) Do they ever post those D.I. ones?

          Back to battle curry. I felt bad for the challenger. I think he slid into the familiar instead of challenging himself because he was so comfortable with the ingredient. It all sounded delicious, but nothing was exceptionally creative except, perhaps, dessert.

          I have the feeling he would have done better had the ingredient been something that stretched him out of his comfort zone. Not that I know anything about the challenger, of course, but that's the sense I got.


      2. re: Bunson

        And Steingarten was a bigger jerk than usual, openly insulting the other judges.

        1. re: cigarmedic4

          Though at times he seemed to have trouble getting a word in edgewise :)

          I didn't catch the start: what were the different curries that they had to start with? Several sounded like the Thai paste versions. There must have been a dry Indian style mix. Curry leaves as well?

          1. re: paulj

            Curry leaves, yellow and red curry powders, and green and red curry paste. They didn't get much more specific than that unless I missed it. And thanks everyone. I channel surfed just a few minutes too long. By the way, Ophaso is no longer at that restaurant in LA.


          2. re: cigarmedic4

            "And Steingarten was a bigger jerk than usual, openly insulting the other judges."
            i thought it was great when alpana singh suggested [TIC, of course] that they take a vacation together so he could enlighten her along their travels & show her what *real* curry is supposed to taste like.

            i was underwhelmed by this battle. i thought it was boring and relatively uninspired.