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Aug 4, 2008 10:01 AM

Jephanie Foster takes over at Graze

The former Blue Bistro chef is going to be the new chef at Graze. Plenty of Hounds were sad to see Blue closed ...

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  1. Great news and thanks for sharing. I'm sure that Jephanie's legions of fans will be happy to hear that. Also, I had no idea that the Salivation-Army blog existed; thanks for sharing the link.

    1. Scott Joseph (The Sentinel) reported last week that she was already in the kitchen...

      "New Foster home

      Word comes that Jephanie Foster, who closed her Blue Bistro at the start of this year, has taken over the kitchen at Graze. Her creative cuisine wowed fans at the Mills Avenue bistro and, briefly, at Midnight Blue in Thornton Park. Graze was good before Foster came on board. Now it has the chance of being even better." SJ


      1. Thanks for sharing! I might actually try Graze now. It never looked impressive to me before, and I loved the Blue restaurants.