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Aug 4, 2008 09:58 AM

Lunch in St. Thomas/ Gladys', Cruzzin's or ?

Looking for somewhere to have lunch after a snorkel excursion and before our ship sails.

Any preference?

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  1. I'd enthusiastically recommend Gladys's - we had lunch down there right after we got married, and had a delicious chicken roti and very friendly service!

    1. We had dinner at Cuzzin's. It's a lot of local food with decent prices. We only ate breakfast at Gladys', but we're deinitely going back for dinner next time. They're similar, but I think Gladys' has a better setting. It's on the Royal Dane Mall which is an old pedestrian street in downtown Charlotte Amalie. The service was a little slow (on island time), but the waitess was such a character that we didn't mind!

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        So if you both had to pick one, it would be Gladys'?
        Thanks to both of you for your responses!