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Desperately seeking Irish Bacon... in Philly and 'burbs

Several weeks back, we had a visit with family in the Adirondacks in NY and we were introduced to something called Irish bacon, which came from a local butcher. It seems similar to bacon but with relatively little fat. From a bit of Googling, I've discovered that it's sometimes called Irish back bacon and sometimes referred to as bacon rashers, and that it's a bit similar to Canadian bacon -- I'm not entirely certain how it differs. But the hubby swears it does taste different (I'm a vegetarian -- but I've come to you, my Chowhound friends, because I like keeping my guy happy).

Trouble is, now that we're home in the 'burbs of Philly (Lansdowne to be exact), my husband is going nuts trying to find the stuff. We found a blog that said the Wegman's in Cherry Hill NJ had it, but we were just there yesterday passing through, and they didn't seem to have ever heard of it.

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy the stuff? My husband checked online vendors, but said the shipping costs were prohibitive. All leads welcome!

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  1. there are tons of irish pubs that do breakfasts/brunch with Irish bacon - I'd call them for guidance

    1. You might try the Irish Coffee Shop in Upper Darby. I've never been but I've heard it described as an Irish diner and that they also sell some things.

      Irish Coffee Shop
      8443 W Chester Pike
      Upper Darby, PA 19082
      (610) 449-7449

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        Just an update ... my hub called the Irish Coffee Shop and they do indeed stock Irish Bacon, they say. And practically in our back yard! I think my hubby's doing an Irish jig even as I type. Thanks jimc! Thanks everyone!

        As always, Chowhounds Rule.

      2. Ballyhugh Irish Shop in Audobon, NJ carries Irish bangers, the sausage commonly served at Irish restaurants. I have purchased them there before (frozen). Not sure if they carry the bacon, but you can give them a call.

        1. I sell British and Irish products. Irish bacon is quite expensive and none of the area grocery stores carry it. We've switched many of our Irish bacon customers to Kroner Danish Bacon - it's very popular in the UK. However, once again, no one in the Philly area carries.

          1. All good thoughts. Thanks for your input, fellow Chowhounds!

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              I believe I saw Irish bacon once a few years back at one of the meat vendors in the Wayne Farmers Market. Was going to try it...but it was $$$. It may be worth a call.

            2. You might also look for Breitish Bacon It is basically the sme thing. We used to be able to get Irish Bacon from a place in Wilmington, but not since 9/11. I now buy mine from a placxe in Lumberton NC. Great stuff, but then shipping is tough. I buy about 15 lbs at a time anmd freeze it

              1. If you don't mind the drive to the Lehigh Valley - we sell Galtee irish Bacon at McCarthy's Tea Room in Bethlehem PA. We also do a full Irish Breakfast every day.
                Slainte -

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                  Good on ye!

                  I'll have to make a trip up......and then stop fror whole slab bacon and hog jowls on the way back on rte 113

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                    Hey FriedClamFanatic! I go through Lumberton quite frequently on my drives to Florida & back, as a matter of fact, it is one of my my Carolina BBQ sandwich stops! Can I ask what the place that sells the Irish bacon is down there?? I'd love to get some on my next journey!!

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                      Here's the link and address. I love their bacon..............and their bangers are pretty darn good!


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                        Hey Thanks FriedClamFanatic!!! I have never been there, but I pretty much know how to get there. I want some of those bangers too!!!!

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                          Just cooked up some bacon this morning and made myself a bacon butty. Alas, no brown sauce!

                          Hope you enjoy them!

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                            I saw it once about three years ago at the West Shore (Harrisburg) Farmers Market and had been searching for it ever since. Last week I was at the Whole Foods in Pittsburgh and they have it! It's the 365 brand and the packaging says that it is "new."

                2. Just noticed Irish bacon at Halteman's in the Reading Terminal Market

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                    the english gardener giftshop on kings highway in haddonfield, nj carries it. extortionate prices so it's a treat for my ex-pat hubby.

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                      Halteman's didn't have it today (8/29) but they did have Canadian bacon for $7.00 lb.

                    2. The Cross and Shamrock store (www.crossandshamrock.com) in Hamilton Square, N.J. sells Irish Bacon, Sausage, White and Black Pudding, Irish Chocolates, Irish Teas, and many other Irish Foods. The store sells Irish Gifts and Religious Goods. It is a great store! Their address is 1669 Highway 33, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690. Phone: 609-586-9696. They have been in business for over 25 years and are the best place in central New Jersey for Irish Food and Gifts!

                      1. This is 4 years after your original post and I'm sure you've moved on by now, but I thought I'd just give you another place to look in the event you were still searching for Irish bacon.

                        I used to live in the Manayunk/Roxborough area and always shopped at the Superfresh on Ridge Avenue and Domino Lane, and I actually bought Irish bacon there. I had never heard of it before, and saw it there one day in it's clear (and green) plastic wrapping. I had out-of-town guests coming and bought it to give them something unique. I think the price was just a little higher than regular bacon, but not by too much.

                        It turned out to be quite delicious. I got lots of positive feed-back from my guests. You might want to try that store. It was a while back though. If you go, it was in the regular bacon section and, as I mentioned, it had green and clear wrapping, showing what the bacon looked like.

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                          I just got back from vacation in Nova Scotia, where we bought English "back bacon" from an English store. Delicious! Was wondering where I might find it back home. I wonder if it is the same as Irish. (It is not the same as Canadian bacon.)

                          Which reminds me, what happened to the bacon purveyor who used to be at the Headhouse Market? I think he was there last summer.

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                            Since 9/11, British or Irish style bacon for some reason seems hard to get. There is a guy in Lumberton NC that will mail order it to you (made in the US to British standards), but some of the regular places I used to get it either no longer stock it or it is ridiculously expensive

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                              The bacon purveyor at Headhouse was PorcSalt and I think he still goes to the Rittenhouse (Sat) market. DiBruno's sells some of his bacon too.

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                                I would be curious if he does as well. He stopped going to Stockton Farmers Market.

                          2. Halteman's in Reading Terminal Market sells Irish bacon (or back bacon).


                            Also, the Irish Bangers at Martin's in Reading Terminal are much better than those at Whole Foods.

                            Also try the English Gardener Shop in Haddonfield in NJ



                            1. Oops. Just saw someone already posted the same info. Sorry for the duplication.

                              1. McCarthys restaurant and tea room in Bethlehem, PA has a great selection of Irish/UK products. Great restaurant too!