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Adam Gertler getting a show

Looks like Adam is getting a show after all.


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  1. Eh, you beat me to it by three minutes. :)

    Anyhow, hurrah for Adam! Glad Food Network is using his talents.

    Who knows ... maybe they'll replace that Mary Nolan with Lisa on Chic and Easy. But then with all that blog smack talk she did, she seems like a loose cannon and a sore loser, so how much they want the Dallas Diva is the question. I'm guessing probably not enough. But, you never know. I think I recall Adam and Lisa were both going to make appearances on Big Daddy's House. Maybe they'll check out the ratings when she's on and see how they are. All pure speculation on my part though.

    Again, congrats to Adam!


    1. Good for him. While his culinary expertise seemed to be largely defined by smoked and barbecued foods, his pilot was surprisingly good and I would expect that he will continue to grow and develop himself.

      Of course that begs the question of Lisa for whom such a show was her lifelong dream. I think she may have gotten the short end of the editing stick from FN (especially with the Rachel Ray challenge) and although I notice that I have to keep myself from saying cynical demeaning things like calling her "Squinty McBangs," when cases came down to cases, she did a good pilot and she certainly had the culinary chops. It would be nice to see her get her dream, also.

        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          *yawn* adam was my least favorite contestant, he just seemed completely fake and forced (to me anyway)

          1. re: sugarsnapp

            I wasn't a huge fan of Adam's either--I didn't see why they thought he was such a "performer" and I was a bit concerned about his food knowledge. But, he did seem like a likeable happy go lucky kind of guy who interacted well with others sponaneously. Since this isn't a cooking show, I think it could really be great fit for him.

            Also, I had some serious concerns about Aaron's ability to perform during TNFNS, but I enjoyed his first "Big Daddy" show yesterday (though I wish the recipes were healthier--at least there were lots of vegetables involved!). So, what do I know! HA!

            I feel bad for Lisa now.


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              In terms of cooking, I thought that Lisa was the most qualified. But I think FN thought she was the least "likable" out of the three. I can see why they came to that conclusion.

              I think Adam is good on camera, but he's not my style of person I'd like to watch on TV. Too canned. Although I'm happy that his stint on TNFNS opened up some opportunities for him. He seemed like a nice guy. But he reminds me way too much of Zane Lamprey on FN -- couldn't stand him on that show Have Fork, Will Travel.

              1. re: Miss Needle

                Come on, Zane's the best. Maybe Im partial to his Three Sheets show, but I find him to be great.

                1. re: yankeefan

                  I've never watched Three Sheets but I thought that Lamprey in Have Fork, Will Travel was annoying to no end. He was condescending towards other cultures and needed to be treated for ADHD. Maybe I would think differently if I saw Three Sheets as I've heard good things about it. But I hated his FN show, and would have preferred to watch Rachel Ray's hyperactivity over Lamprey's.

                2. re: Miss Needle

                  I actually like Zane, although I can see how he could irritate people. And I do think Adam is MUCH less that way - I think he has a sort of charm about him.

                  1. re: LulusMom

                    You're right that Adam is definitely toned down compared to Zane. But he's still just not my style. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I remember when my girlfriend started dating this guy. On the first date, he didn't let her speak at all and just cracked one joke after the next. I wouldn't have made a second date with him. She loved it and thought he was so funny and ended up marrying him.

                    1. re: Miss Needle

                      Yikes! Its one thing to watch that type on tv, another to marry them!

                3. re: The Dairy Queen

                  Don't feel bad for Lisa -- because it looks like she's getting her own show!


                  1. re: Miss Needle

                    Great now she'll some how find a way to be even more full of herself...if that is possible.

                    1. re: Miss Needle

                      Of course the lost could have been so devastating she's inventing ... naw. Probably is true. After all that Lyons guy from the other season of NFNS is on the Fit Network with a show.

                      1. re: HarryK

                        True but he seemed like a decent guy and didn't reinvent history as he went along.

              2. Oh, that makes me so happy! I think he'll be great--he really deserved it in the first place, IMHO!!

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                1. re: monavano

                  I absolutely will watch this. He's a mensch, and I enjoyed him so much on his pilot. Maybe this shows that FN is listening to feedback.

                  Btw, strange experience when I Tivo'd Big Daddy's House. It didn't record the program, even though it was listed in the FN schedule on the screen. The only thing I found is another episode next Sunday, no reruns of the first episode. Did anyone else have this happen?

                2. good for him. regardless of whether or not any of us think he's a great cook, or entertaining, or informative, or an "expert," he did *earn* it in vegas. despite the judges' decision, he was the clear winner of those challenges.

                  1. My 1st reaction: Ham on The Street.
                    Adam's popularity in large part was his comedy...for some reason FN is still trying to nail a funny food show.

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                    1. re: HillJ

                      Oh no, please not another Ham on the Street! Just never 'got it'.

                      1. re: monavano

                        I'm thinking something similar to "Ham on the Street" as well. Maybe something like "The Thirsty Traveler", with Kevin Brauch.

                      2. re: HillJ

                        they already have the "big daddy" (pardon the pun) of funny food shows-Good Eats!

                        i agree with miss needle "canned" is the perfect word for his schtick.

                        ah well guess he could be the poor man's alton brown or something.

                        1. re: sugarsnapp

                          sugar, early epi's of Good Eats were funny in that crazy uncle who comes over and teaches you about food science sorta way...recent Good Eats and other Alton B. shows have shown a different side.

                          I find FN hard to pin down.

                      3. For the longest time I wondered why they kept him he certainly was cooking week and never seemed that funny. I will say that in the last few episode he seemed to come into his own. I certainly think that he had the best pilot.

                        Don't feel bad for Lisa despite all her many tearful confessions and reasons about how much she wanted a show has most recently said she never really wanted to win the whole thing. So she's not getting a show which apparently was her goal all along. Congratulations to her for getting what she wanted. Everyone wins!!!! That girl is not one to pass up an opportunity to contradict herself.

                        I hope Adam sends Crazy Jen some kind of thank-you gift. I'm sure had she not manically smashed the jar and showered the food with broken glass something the judges, has hard as they might try, simply could not over look...he would have gone home that week and never gotten the opportunities that he has.

                        1. Who knows, maybe he really will becme the next FN star, and Aaron won't! I bet Adam will be great on that kind of show.


                          1. My impression is that the judges had a difficult time selecting one winner this season. So much so that two finalists were given shows. Sometimes judges appear to present on-air diplomacy when in reality their choices were clear early in the competition. This time, perhaps not the case. Time will tell if either show is given time to take hold of an audience.