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Aug 4, 2008 09:18 AM

Got these recommendations--pleave give feedback

I got these recommendations from a friend when a group of us (12) will be in Montreal for his son's wedding. His recommendations are very expensive and our group loves food and wine. However are there other great restaurants we can try? Here are his recommendations. We would most likely do the first three since there are food "issues" with some of us.

Au Tournant De La Riviere

La Queue de cheval (steak house)
Da Vinci (italian)
El Cortile (italian)
Shodan (Japanese fine dining)
Julien (French cuisine):

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  1. I'd skip La Queue de Cheval if I were you. It's not worth the exorbitant prices.

    I've only been to Shodan once and it was just okay. The fact that it's mentioned so little on these boards kind of tells you something.

    I haven't been to the others but you should do some searches because I'm sure they've been mentioned plenty of times.

    What are your food "issues"?

    1. I've done all of them in the past, but my question is how your friend came up with these recommendations. For example, I can think of other things to do with my money than to go to see overpriced waste at La Queue de cheval (American-style steak houses aren't really Montreal's forte anyway).

      Da Vinci is classical Italian (hit and miss), il Cortile has a nice terrace and olive oil, Sho-Dan's a miss on multiple fronts for me (and I wouldn't call it Japanese fine dining - that would be kaiseki and only available at Sakura). Julien a big loud bistro.

      Consider le Club Chasse et PĂȘche, Bronte, Lemeac, Madre, Graziella among others. First three match the "love food and wine", the latter two less so on the wine but interesting food-wise. You can always go to Bu, Pop!, or BouchonĂ©e afterwards to satiate the wine part.

      1. Queue de Cheval = rip-off
        Sho-Dan = meh

        I've not eaten at the others.

        It would help to know your group's "food issues", but if Italian works for you then let me second Graziella with Da Emma as another possibility. Rather than Julien for your French Bistro, you could try Au Petit Extra, Lemeac, or L'Express.

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        1. re: rcianci

          Food issue: alergies to citris, including tomatoes (although Italian works since there are other sauces, etc), shellfish , non-meat eaters, non-pork eaters.

          These are all great suggestions for me to look into. Thank you everyone. Do you know if anyone of these places do better with a large group?

          1. re: briscopa

            Would you consider a Spanish Tapas joint like La Sala Rosa? It's not a world-shaking gastronomical experience, but it's a great place to bring a crowd and there are many vegetarian options on their menu.


        2. Queue de Cheval: Expensive yes, but I knew what I was getting into, so I couldn't really complain about $$. I had huge problems with the service there.

          May I suggest Cafe Ferreira?
          I had a party of 12 also and it went smoothly. The menu is pretty non-threatening

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          1. re: gerbera

            If money is not really an object, how about Milos?

            I haven't been to Il Mulino (in Little Italy) for years - I can't afford such places unless someone else is paying - but when I did go there were many choices for non-meat-eaters and plenty of vegetarian-friendly options.

          2. I have not been to Au Tournant De la Riviere in years, but was never disappointed; in fact, I had some wonderful meals there. Their pate made from veal sweetbreads was amazing. Definitely worth the detour; and it is a detour to go out to Chambly.

            My top recommendation would be Europea. Wonderful food, with polished but unpretentious service.

            If you go to Ferreira don't miss the seafood bisque (real depth of flavour), the truffled potatoes (yummy) or the hazelnut ice cream (to die for).

            I would skip Julien; they used to have some nice food, but not any more.