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Aug 4, 2008 08:32 AM

Private brunch ideas?

I'm planning an annual meeting and we need a venue. Any ideas? Here are the parameters:

- Private brunch for 25-50 people (mostly couples in their 30s, some will bring their little ones)
- Lots of on-site parking
- Within an hour of DC (DC-MD-VA all acceptable)
- No more than $30 per person (less is better!)
- Some kind of uniqueness is appreciated (brewpub, on the water, winery, etc.)

I had been looking at (so far) Rams Head Annapolis (where we had it last year), Indigo Landing, Clyde's in Tyson's Corner...


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  1. I believe Lia's in Chevy Chase has a room...or, you can rent out the bar and have brunch there. I enjoyed the brunches I've had there.

    1. haven't been, but maybe Occoquan will be a nice place for the family: