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Aug 4, 2008 08:28 AM

Cost of Wedding Rec at State Room and Boston Harbor Hotel

Hi all -

I was wondering if someone could provide a ballpark figure on what to expect a wedding to cost at the Boston Harbor Hotel and the State Room for 200 people?

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    1. I priced both of those venues for 200 2.5 years ago and they were around $40 K each, give or take.

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      1. re: magz

        Magz - Did that 40k include pretty much everything?

        1. re: goody1720

          difference between holding an event at a full-service venue like State Room vs a hotel like BHH is what's included. I held an event (not wedding) at State Room last year--they included linens, worked w/ me on flowers, decor, a/v, etc. Am planning same event at a Boston hotel and the catering guy said: we'll give you 5 votives per table. That's it! So that's definitely something to consider in the price as much of the kinds of things you might not otherwise think about asking are included.

      2. I have a friend who is having a wedding there soon. They're using the BHH wedding planner and service, cake etc. You should budget for at least $60-70K.

        1. The SR also has a RENTAL fee that, on top of the food/bev cost, adds to their high costs. I believe it's at least $9,500, if not more. The SR has a killer view but their prices are through the roof.

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              I wouldn't say outrageous, maybe a bit higher than the Boston market but, remember this place is opulant, they tend to all the details and they won't screw up your day.

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                I actually think the "RENTAL" rate has gone up even more than 10K. There has been a lot of talk about the SR's rental prices going through the roof. The view is indeed stunning but I find it hard to justify a room rental and then $200+++ pp for an event. But, people do pay this.

          1. A lot of the discussion in this forum and the other one is about how big the price tags on these places are. To be fair, the average cost of a wedding in the US is in the high 20s, and Boston is, of course, a lot more expensive than average. Considering the Boston Harbor Hotel and State Room are two of the better locations in the area to have a wedding and that 200 people is a medium-large size, prices in the 50-75K range really aren't as insane as they sound. Weddings cost a *ton* of money. Obviously, you can significantly cut down on costs a number of ways, but if you're going for a big wedding in a great setting, it's going to cost a couple Beemers.

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              I have to agree with you on this. I had a wedding last year w/ 200 guests and watched my expenses like a hawk. I booked at one of the less expensive (but still spectacular) venues in town, Larz Anderson Auto Museum, and found creative ways to cut costs on everything from booze to catering to my dress. It still cost $30K. Worth every penny though, as it was a perfect day. That's just the cost of inviting 200 people to your wedding! Unless you want to serve your guests hot dogs and lemonade, this is just how it works.

              P.S. My husband is still complaining about the $600 dance floor rental, after all this time...