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Aug 4, 2008 07:03 AM

Ocala Recs

I will be in Ocala for a weeding and will have a free night for dinner is there a must go place? I am up to anything from a local dive to 4 star.


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  1. We don't get to Ocala much, but we used to go quite often for Tony's Sushi - it gets very crowded and can add up to be very spendy very fast if your server suggests special things to try that aren't on the menu (but the sushi salad is FABULOUS- tuna, white fish, some other fish served in a carrot bowl with a mango-y dressing) - but it's no longer our top spot, hopefully someone else will chime in for you.
    Went once to an asian-fusion place, if that's your thing, called Sky- it's more atmosphere than anything but it's interesting. Club music during dinner- open kitchen (well, kind of- you could see everyone back there like an episode of Hell's Kitchen). The food was just ok- service was excellent and they have a full bar. My nephew and his friends (all 20-somethings) LOVED the food and the atmo.
    They have a website. If you go, the only thing I really LOVED and would recommend was the szechuan eggplant.
    The only place I would recommend (without hesitation or shame no matter who I'm talking to) is a chain- 5 Guys Burgers & Fries. But that's lunch, really. Sorry!

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      glad to here they have a 5 guys have been wanting to try them and vacation calories dont count do i can

    2. Not so many "must do's" in Ocala as far as restaurants are concerned. I lived there a couple of years ago, and it was mostly chains. Felix's and Bella Luna are both pretty good in the independently-owned category...a couple of the better places in town, IMO. For cheap, tasty Mexican food with good fishbowl margaritas, try El Toreo on 200 next to the interstate.

      1. Try's a brazilian churrascaria. Expensive but worth it. Right off 200 on pine ave .

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          I drove by the other day, and Bella Luna was closed for remodeling.

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            Thanks for the update as its on my short list I wont be there until the middle in Septso prehaps it will be open then. But then closed for remodeling is not always a good sign to see. Has anyone tried Royal Orchid its near my hotel and seems to be well rated