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Aug 4, 2008 07:01 AM

New inspiration in Richmond with kids

My mom's in town on Wednesday and as we'll be on our way OOT probably will eat out since I don't want to have much in the fridge. She's about to move here so I want to show her something fun but we'll have 2 under 5 in tow. We live super close to Shackleford's and Ichiban which are actually great options with kids but she's done both of those a lot - would love to do something new. And not TOO far from the west end. IE - if it's southside near chippenham or 288 is good. The thing is i've lived in way bigger cities than this so 20 minutes is fine. People here seem to think that's really far! :)
Have taken her to comfort - which she loved and will likely do a few more grown-up only dinners to show off Richmond in the next few weeks but for this one the 2 year old boy's behavior is definitely the rate limiting factor!

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  1. Hey, I live in Powhatan (just over the Chesterfield line, still have a Midlo address and phone) and go downtown/fan at least two nights a week for dinner, so I don't think that is far at all <g>. We don't dine with kids (except the 23 year old variety) so I'm kind of at a loss there, but what kind of food/price are you looking for? Mexican is the first thing that comes to mind.....thinking Ciento Lindo on Forest Hill (that may be too far, but it's nice and very kid friendly...they even have a kids eat free one night a week). It's not too far east of Chesterfield. As a child, Italian Kitchen West (classic red sauce Italian) was our regular place and child friendly, but it's been around 40 years and is definitely old school.....great pizza and pasta though. It's on Broad between Parham and Hungary Spring.

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      We've done Frank's West for the old school pizza/pasta vibe. Mama Cucina in Innsbrook is good too. Would love to try Italian Kitchen. Passed it once and remembered you all mentioning it before. Think that I'd love to find something that might have a bit of atmosphere. Not that I'm opposed to dives - I'm not - nor that she really is either. It's just that I think she's freaking a bit about moving over the age of 60 after spending her WHOLE life in Cincy and she's pretty cosmopolitan and I'd love to show her something fab. Maybe Kitchen 64? I know the foods been hit or miss but at least the vibe's supposedly okay. All my friends who've been with kids for brunch have liked it. Or trying Fast Eddie's Jukebox Cafe in Goochland? Anyone been? I'd rather push my kids (my 5 year old's well behaved and they both EAT well - it's just getting the 2 year old to sit still!) and show her someplace that makes her feel like - oh yeah - I could live here... :) How are the Jamaican places just mentioned in Style or or somewhere - or the rotisserie mexican place (is that the one you mentioned?)? Thanks. If they'd have them, my kids would eat at Black Sheep! They LOVE malabar and ichiban. There was actually a 4 or 5 year old girl - very well behaved - at Lulus when we were there! I just hate to be the brunt of evil looks! Actually (I'm thinking as I write) - have you been to Dot's Back Inn? It looked good on DDD and like it might not be bad to bring kids. Only bad thing with places like that is that sometimes their behavior is fine but places like bathrooms are iffy!

      Oh and funny enough - I live "mid" West End I'd say (not too far out) and I actually had someone who lives just on the other side of Parham tell me I might need a different rec for a dentist on "my side of town" because hers might be too far! LOL

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        Carena's is great for kids...there have always been a couple when we go there. The vibe of Kitchen 64 is better and more festive...and the food we had was very good. And it is kid friendly. A food blogger took his 3 year old to Enoteco Sogno on Broad (across from the Science Museum) with great success....and it's owned/operated by people who used to work at Edo's, so it has that vibe. I have not been to Fast Eddie's or Dot's Back Inn. The Black Sheep is small, so you might have a wait/inpatient toddler issue.

        I grew up on Hungary Spring (back when Broad was two lanes and development stopped at West End Manor) and went to Tucker. That is funny about the dentist!

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          I would not take kids to Dot's...very very smoky!

          1. re: wellfedred

            thanks! appreciate the tip. is it at all good otherwise?

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              I go to Dot's a lot b/c I live in the Northside 'hood and there are only so many options (it's getting better though!). I do like it, but I will say DDD was a bit generous with them, as they probably are with a lot of the places they showcase. I love the kitschy, 40's vibe and decor, the Legend Brown on tap, the huge portions, small prices, and the "anyone is welcome here" attitude. The Black Bean corn cakes are outstanding! My husband refuses to eat vegetarian entrees but this is the only thing he orders when we go to Dot's. Something about the combo of ingredients just works. They do great things with pasta, their burger is solid, the mediterranean pie is great if you really like feta cheese. I guess my bottom line is, it's worth a try if you're up for a hole-in-the-wall, truly Richmond experience and arent' looking for health food. If you want to take kids you might be able to get away with trying it for lunch on a Saturday or brunch on Sunday. The evening crowd of regulars is where most of the smoke comes from.

      2. How about Azzuro? I can't vouch that it's super kid-friendly (in terms of kid menus, etc.), but I sure have seen plenty of families in there, of all ages, in celebratory mode. And I think it has a decent vibe. Nice outdoor seating, too.

        We just had family in town with little ones and we took them to Milepost 5. Great for the kids, but please don't bring your Mom there - she'd never move here! ;-) We will not be going back.

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          I'm a regular at Azzuro and have mixed emotions about little ones (I think school aged children would be okay, but not certain of toddlers but this is an area where I am very conservative so consider the source and all of that). Wes and staff will accommodate menu items with no problem (and they have great pizza) for the kids (or adults as the case may be). With a toddler in tow I'd try to sit outside. One issue is that the tables are very close together so a wiggly toddler would be a distraction to nearby tables.

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            agreed. unless we're out of town (like now) i try not to take them anywhere nice because of the behavior not the food. just too hard to sit still. but when they're older...