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Aug 4, 2008 06:54 AM

Crab legs in Mpls

Where's a good place to get King crab legs in Mpls? PLEASE don't say Stella's...

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  1. Oceanaire. They're not always on the menu, but you can usually order them anyway. Every time time I've ordered king crab (always off-menu), I've received one HUGE leg that was almost too much to eat in one sitting.

    1. Andrew Zimmern mentioned in his blog last week that Oceanaire is currently serving King Crab Legs caught on the Time Bandit (of 'Deadliest Catch' fame.)

      I would think that should be about the best in town right now.

      1. Costco. I cannot bring myself to pay for them in a restaurant after seeing Good Eats, and how easy it was for AB to microwave them. They're like 10$ or thereabouts per pound, and CG and I just gorge ourselves. Really delicious.

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          I don't watch the tele and I'm uncertain of your abbreviation. Is AB Bourdain? CG? Cheese Guy. Does Bourdain actually advocate a microwave? What's happening on television to food, and BTW to the language (that means by the way)?

          1. re: keg

            Nope, sorry, keg, AB is Alton Brown, host of Good Eats. CG is Cheese Guy, how I refer to my hubby (many refer to theirs as DH or chowspouse, but since my handle is cheeseguysgirl, I figured CG or cheeseguy would be an easy guess). Here's a link to the king crab recipe online at the Food Network website. Sam's; Costco; Coastal, take your pick. They're all fresh-frozen on the boat, go for what's the least expensive.


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              do you mind sharing how to cook it in the microwave please?

        2. If your looking to make them at home, i think Coastal Seafoods is the best bet... they offer 20% off on wednesdays... and yes, the microwave has been the easiest/best way for me too. I couldn't believe it when my friend showed me that, (after we had eaten them of course!)

          If you're looking for a night out, i actually recommend the Cherokee Sirloin Room in west St. Paul.. It's kind of a 'family/neighborhood' supper club/bar. They do an 'all-you-can-eat' snow crab night on wednesdays for $25.. I comes with these amazing little potato gratin things... awesome. I recommend sitting in the bar area for better people watching... Try to get a table with the funny old baseball photos...

          1. Cheese is so right. Sams club also has em and they are soooo easy and delicious. You can eat $40 at home and be stuffed.