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Aug 4, 2008 06:09 AM

Micros to pick up at Wegman's, Rochester

We are coming from Toronto to Rochester for two nights and we want to bring home some new-to-us beers in a variety of styles. I am reading mixed things about Wegman's selection. We will be staying downtown and really don't want to do a lot of driving/navigating so I figured the East Avenue location of Wegman's, but if a better beer store can be found easily please let me know!

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  1. Southern Tier is a local beer to that area. They make a good IPA but I'd say try them all since you are just visiting. Also Great Lakes Brewing Co, Erie Brewing Co., are near that area. Anything from Troeg's, Victory, Stoudt's, Bell's, Brooklyn, or DogfishHead are really good options if you can't get it in Toronto. Wegmans will probably only have six or twelve packs available for take-out. You are allowed as many as you want in total but only allowed to pay for 164 oz. at a time. Maybe you could find a mix your own six pack shop in downtown Rochester. That will really allow you the best way to sample. Good Luck!

    1. Not sure about Rochester but my Wegmans, in Ithaca, just opened a big beer section with tons of microbrews. It is really nice! Good luck

      1. Actually the best selection of beer in the Rochester area is at Beers of the World at 3450 Winton Place 585-427-2852. Excellent selection of craft beers from the U.S. and abroad. I would recommend that you try some of the beers from the Brooklyn Brewery.

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          Thanks so much for this tip... we LOVED Beers of the World! Thanks for everyone's suggestions. Just getting started on the beer. Between Dinosaur and Beers of the World we are really wishing the ferry was still running.