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Aug 4, 2008 06:04 AM

Richard Chen - Pittsburgh

We walked in on Sat night but it was too crowded and there is just a tiny bar so we went across the street to the Red Room.

We had some friends who went this weekend and said it was comparable to take-out chinese (except the rib-eye which was excellent), the lighting was way too bright ("like a high school cafeteria"), and super expensive.

Anyone go there this weekend?

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  1. Hi Frank007. We had reservations for Sat. night. I agree with the lighting - too bright. The food was fabulous. I ordered the black cod which was excellent. Others at the table ordered sea bass and rib-eye. The desserts were some of the best in our area. We shared the hazelnut chocolate bar and the grilled peaches with sour cream ice cream. The presetnations were top-notch as well as the service.
    How was the red room?

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      We had dinner at Girasole and drinks at the Red Room. We always like sitting on the couches there - it is very relaxing. We have not tried the new menu (since new chef) but it seems to be well received. We did see the new menu for R2 and it looks good. R2 is scheduled to open in two weeks which will be a nice addition to the block.

      Sounds like Richard Chen is worth a try.... will report back.

    2. Just tried it tonight. I liked it, in fact, we all did. My BF and I went with another couple ordered a couple apps, dinner, dessert, and drinks. It was really good, but I guess it was a bit expensive. Our bill was just over $200 for four people, but it would be less if you just had a main course. Just be careful because they try to up-sell you without telling the costs. For example, they will ask you if you want tap, distilled, or sparkling water, without telling you that there is a price difference. Our waitress did that with our menu items, too. (Though, it might be well worth it to NOT get the tap water. I had sparkling, my BF did not, but when I was finished I also took a sip of his tap water and it tasted awful! Like it just came out of an old hose that I just washed my car with.) Other than that, the atmosphere was nice, service was prompt, and like I said, our food was really good! We will definitely go back again and would recommend it to others. Oh, PS... the lighting was not too bright... not where we sat anyway... maybe they saw this post and quickly changed it ;) Either way, if you go - Enjoy!

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        A couple of my friends went to eat there a few days ago and said it was awesome. They are true restaurant snobs (in a good way) so I always trust their judgment.

        My friends and I ate at the restaurant in the Wynn when we stayed there in Vegas and it was absolutely AMAZING. I usually don't like Chinese food because I feel like I'm eating a bowl of sodium, and then I'm hungry in an hour. So I'm glad there is finally a good Chinese restaurant here in Pittsburgh.

        My BF and I are going to eat here tomorrow, so I'll update with reviews. PS- I saw above someone ordered the Black Cod. I always order it at Umi (which is also spectacular) so I may just have to get that!

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          I live just around the corner from here and can't wait to try it out. thanks for the reviews so far

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            So I ate there and it was everything I had hoped for. It is a bit pricey, but not too bad if you compare it to other places. We ordered a bottle of wine, appetizer, 3 entrees and dessert and it was about $150. The panna cotta dessert was excellent (and I NEVER get sweets). The pot stickers were just average, the Black Cod was excellent, but I like it better at Umi, and one of my friends said the duck salad was amazing. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for some refreshing Chinese food (not the American Chinese food we've grown accustomed to).

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              I tried it out about a week ago and sadly, did not think it lived up to the hype. I will admit that I had been very impressed by the PG review so I had high expectations. We did a lot of group share and the bill came out to about $200 a couple. I tried the pork belly, dumplings, spring rolls, tuna app, chow fun, rice noodle, mongolian beef and kung pao chicken. All in all, the chow fun was my favorite. Was it awful? no, it wasn't, and it was better than a standard chinese restaurant, but it wasn't good enough quite to warrant the bill I thought. THe ambience and service were excellent and I would go again as a group night out...however at that price point, I would rather go to soba or umi. In particular I was disappointed with the tuna sashimi...I mean seriously, tuna sashimi with truffle ponzu? sounds SO amazing...all my favorites in one dish. but the ponzu was overpowering.

              Has anyone else tried it lately? thoughts?