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Aug 4, 2008 05:30 AM

North Conway

I will be heading to North Conway area next week. 4 adults and 5 kids. Besides fine dining and the Muddy Moose what else should I look out for? Are there any surprises? I’m also looking for butchers, bakeries, pizza, fish shops, Chinese food, kitchen equipment, and specialty foods. I am coming up from southern VT so I am well aware of New England’s lack of diversity in the rural areas.

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  1. Thompson House Eatery in Jackson (just up the road from N Conway), is one of my favorite dining spots anywhere.
    I like Horsefeathers for lunch (so does the rest of the N Conway visitors though).
    Stonehurst has a surprisingly varied menu ranging from great pizza to finer dining.
    I wasn't a fan of Muddy Moose- the server was rude; the food so-so

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      Just a question here.
      Is Gunther's still open?
      We used to get some really great breakfasts there a few years back and we're heading that way again soon.
      They used to have a lot of wildgame sausage(buffalo,boar,ect.)which we really liked.

    2. I only ever stopped there a couple of times while driving home from trips to Long Island to visit family. We were just looking for something cheap, fast, and ok, fast food. We stopped at KFC, and somewhere else.. and it was THE WORST. The servers were horrific, just... awful. I didn't think it was possible to make chain fast food taste bad in some way, but they managed it. I'll never stop in North Conway ever again for anything. Every time I've ever stopped, it's been like that. Of course, that could simply be whatever is near the interstate is like that, and I don't head down that way much any more (family no longer talking to us because, apparently, moving to Vermont and inviting them to come visit us dozens of times through the years means we think we're better than them, long story) so things could have improved, I suppose. :)

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        I always enjoy reading your posts, but I find this one a bit elusive.

        What you're saying is that you wouldn't go back to North Conway because of a bad experience in a KFC and some other forgettable place?? Did you find that the poor service & food was a local issue or is there more to the story?

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          *chuckle* I know I'm normally much more informative, it was ... there was an overall air to the place, everywhere seemed a bit shabby to me. We stopped there, I think a total of four times, going to different places, two of which were, to my recollection, fast food, two that weren't, but weren't fancy places. Keeping in mind this was a -very- long time ago, but the thing that stood out for me was universally poor service every single time, in every location. In the fast food places, I don't know how they managed it, but the food was actually -bad- I mean, not "fast food" bad, but like yucky, poorly cooked, not made according to the standard of the franchise. They were dirty, with untidy dining rooms. And the staff were slovenly. One place I could see being like that, but all four times, both franchised and not? I don't know anything about North Conway beyond these four experiences, but it was enough to make me not ever want to stop there again.

          Again, I state that this is -old- experiences, from between 1993 to around 2000, probably the last time we stopped was in 1997. So there could have been massive changes in the area.

          I was mostly commenting that I'd had such horrible experiences every time I'd stopped in North Conway that I'd never do it again, though it's really the logical break point between my husband's family's place on Long Island and ours in Vermont.

          I hope that's more clearly stated. I was a little muddled and rushed yesterday. :)

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            Thank you for the clarification.

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              Quoting Morganna...."it's really the logical break point between my husband's family's place on Long Island and ours in Vermont."

              Are you *sure* you're talking about North Conway, New Hampshire? Unless you're coming from Eastern Long Island and taking a ferry across Long Island Sound to CT, the Mt. Washington Valley area of NH would be quite a detour from the most direct route, which would be I-87 or possibly I-91 (depending upon whether you're headed to the Western or Eastern side of VT). In addition to being out of the way, the traffic through Conway was horrendous back in the 90's, prior to the opening of the North-South bypass. It doesn't seem as though we're talking about the same place.

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                Yes, I'm talking about North Conway. :) My husband's family lives on Long Island (as I mentioned), and we did, indeed, take the ferry across the sound. Who in their right mind drives through the city and down the Long Island Expressway when you don't have to? :)

        2. Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery is wonderful. Good food and good beer made right there. I had a special -- goat cheese and chicken quesadilla with strawberry chipotle sauce. Yum. Lots of different seating areas to accommodate your party.

          For pizza, check out Flatbread at the Eastern Slope Inn. Organic ingredients, tasty, and they usually give kids pizza dough to play with while you wait.

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            The bar-b-q sliders I had there this past July were good at the Moat.

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              I forgot about Moat Mountain - yes, they are good. And typically great beers to boot.

            2. We love Red Fox I think it is in Jacksonville.

              1. We are up in N. Conway regularly and I would also recommend the Moat. Good beer, decent food, clean, etc. I recommend the flat bread pizza as well, good stuff. The Thai rolls as an app are also pretty decent. We have stayed at the Stonehurst al bunch over the years and we end up eating there as the package with dinner and breakfast is too cheap to pass up. The food used to be good to very good, now it is hit or miss along with the service. For winter dining it is nice with the lounge with the fire. Actually their wood fired pizza is pretty darn good along with the Lamb Shank.

                Muddy Moose…..average at best, it is what you think it is basically a 99 with private ownership.

                In Conway itself (not N. Conway) is Café Noche, decent Mexican for northern New England, not Southern CA by any stretch but then again what is. I have heard good things about Red Fox in Jackson as well, mostly for family friendly pub style dining.

                Horsefeathers in the winter is somewhat of a place to see and be seen, but the long waits for tables and room at the bar are hard to take for us, then again it is getting a facelift so maybe they have been sliding. I remember our meal there a few years ago was good but nothing spectacular.

                Northern New England is not necessarily a mecca for fine dining, more a place for comfort food for locals and tourists, go with the right expectations and you shouldn’t be disappointed.

                No weight can be given to opinions of N. Conway based on KFC alone.