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Aug 4, 2008 04:51 AM

Best cheese Chester Co?

I lost my cheese shop!!! Mangano's Cheese in Phoenixville closed up last Thursday. Michael had hoped to do a call-by-Wednesday-pick-up-on-Saturday business out of Majolica, but that didn't work out. Now what do we do?

Michael suggested something in Narbeth (I haven't been able to find it) and the Ardmore Cheese shop, but I was hoping to buy my groceries without making such an expedition out of it (ie I'd like to spend more on cheese than on gas). The cheese shop at the Lancaster Farmer's Market in Wayne is nice, but it doesn't seem to get any local cheeses. Phoenixville Farmer's market usually has Shellbark and Birchrunville Farms, both of which I love, but that's awful limited (and seasonal).

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


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  1. Two places are at the top of my list; neither will disappoint you. Wegman's in Downingtown has an outstanding cheese department, and the folks working in that department are extremely knowledgeable about the products they sell. The other place, if you don't mind a little drive, is Talula's Table in Kennett. Aimee Olexy is passionate about cheese, and that's evident in the extensive selection you'll find at Talula's. They carry local artisanal cheeses (including Shellbark) as well as an amazing array from around the world. Those have become my go-to spots when cheese is on my shopping list.

    1. Oh noooooooo....the Cheese shop closed !!!??!! I hope he finds an alternative outlet...great guy and great shop...sad to see them go.

      You might just have to wait for Wegmans to open in Collegeville (current estimate - spring 09) but even then I am not sure you will get the local variety and raw milk cheese that Michael had.

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        Thanks, both. Cindy, I had forgotten about Talula's Table, although I'm a big fan. It is a hike, but not as far as Narbeth, or driving out, as Michael suggested, to Hendricks Farm in Telford (whence my comment about spending more on gas than cheese).

        Wegman's is our usual grocery store, and their cheese is fine (and the selection fairly broad), but (a) you have to watch age, because they don't always, and (b) they just sell you what Head Office buys wholesale and ships out to all the stores. It will certainly do for now (as will the Lancaster Market in Wayne) but I was hoping for a store that took cheese selection a step further.

        Percyn, he said he was not looking for an alternative outlet; he is getting out of retail. He wants to focus on making cheese himself. I am looking forward to that, but I'm not sure when he will be in production. If he is, we're likely to see his stuff first at the Phoenixville market. He was there Saturday, manning the Shellbark booth for a friend who had a family emergency. That's all I know.

        Does anyone know the name of the place in Narbeth. He said they had a large selection of French cheeses (there is a large ex-pat community there because of the French school).


      2. So sorry you lost your shop. Wegman's has a great selection but some of the staff are a little less educated and helpful than #1 Talula's Table and a little closer Carlino's Market in West Chester. Although Carlino's doen't have the volume that Wegman's has, what they have is excellent and their (a little) older cheese lady had been doing this for over 30+ years - - she knows her stuff, great for guidance if you need it. Good Luck!

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          Thanks, keby. I've been to Carlino's once or twice. It looks like your classic Italian store, of which there are hundreds in NJ, but rather few here. I thought it expensive, but I'll go have another look at their cheese. As usual in WC, parking is a problem. Do you know if they buy from local farms?


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            I would be weary of what kinds of cheese you select from Carlino's, or any similar store for that matter. We did a cheese dinner for Valentine's day and I purchased all of my cheeses from Carlino's. All of the fairly basic/common cheeses were fine, but two of the more unusual ones tasted as if they had been wrapped in plastic wrap too long (probably because they weren't very popular and thus sat longer in the case) and thus were thrown out. I think this is a potential problem for any place that cuts their cheese ahead of time and stores it in plastic wrap, but just thought I'd mention it. Thanks!

        2. I keep hearing Wegmans...(Downingtown) I went there to see what it was all about, I have to say not impressed, the place was beat up and dirty. I compared prices with Whole Foods and I must say, if all you want is generic stuff ie. paper towels or Pert shampoo then any supermarket will do but if you want top quality meat, fish or cheeses then Whole Foods is very competative and sometimes cheeper. They have an outstanding selection and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, also the place is clean. Except the Wynnewood store, its old. But I would go to the Devon store.

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            Wow! I shop at Wegman's faily often, and "beat up and dirty" are not words that have ever crossed my mind while there. I hope you tell the customer service folks there of your impressions and experience; I'm sure they'd be very receptive to comments of that nature.

          2. This might be the place you are looking for in Narberth: The Cheese Company, 217 Haverford Ave, Narberth, PA 19072
            (610) 667-3663

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              It's probably a haul for you, but worth the trip; Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop


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                Thanks, Lorabeth, it is. I went yesterday (my wife was having a procedure at Lankenau, and I had some time off to explore the area). I was very impressed with the cheese, but it is a hike for us. They seem to deal with a lot of the same local cheesemakers as Michael used to.

                I was also able to drop in at Le Petit Mitron, and check out Maia. The pastries at LPM were very good and pretty authentic. I don't know what to make of Maia; we'll have to go back and actually eat there.