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Aug 3, 2008 11:44 PM

Updated Indian in Vancouver

Hiya folks.

Me, being the indian fan that I am, I have to hunt for Indian during the next week in Vancouver, as I am there, and I should be hungry.

I will chase some of the expected places (Vij's) but I want to head down to Main and 49th to see what's up. Anybody have any good locations down there? I'd be specifically interested in a Dhansak dish, which is actually Persian.

I'll be checking this post all week.


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  1. See my other posting on your other thread. If the dish is Persian - would you care to try some Persian places instead? (Kashcool in North Van, Arian on 4th etc?)

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      Dagnab this latency thing -- fmed and I are stereo posting!

      Kashcool is one of the restos on Lonsdale I was trying to remember but Arian (woo, bad name choice) is no more methinks fmed...

      1. re: grayelf

        Ack. Oh well...that unfortunate name probably killed them.

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        Hi there. A quick reply, but I will take this to the other Vancouver thread I started.

        Since my original experience was through an Indian restaurant, I assumed this was where to look. I had no clue there is such a thing as a Persian Style Restaurant.

        Any keywords I should look for in such a restaurant? i.e. Kashmir

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          Try here:

          I'm not that familiar with Persian inflected Indian food (if that is indeed what you are seeking), so I can't really comment on keywords.

      3. I see from another post that you are arriving tomorrow so in the interests of getting you some quick and dirty 411, here's a link to a decent article on Indian in Vancouver from VanMag April 2008:

        I really enjoy Vij's ('ware lineups, focus on 'heavier' meats and veg offerings plus starters), Rangoli, Saravaana (southern; love the uttapam type dishes; apps can be a bit on the greasy side) and Akbar's (northern Muglai; ask for heat on the vindaloo). House of Dhosas is a good place to get dhosa (duh!) and has a bit of variety as well. I really need to try Nooru Mahal as I hear nothing but good things about it. For higher end, there is a lunch buffet at Maurya that allows you to taste their wares for little cash and enjoy the lovely room while you're at it. As for Main and 49th, it can be hit and miss, and does tend to focus on the Punjabi style per the article I linked to. Himalaya can be fun for the Indian sweets buffet and to pick up some snacks, and I do like All India for samosas but not so much for other stuff. There are a few places further down the hill toward Richmond on Fraser that we used to frequent but I'm not sure they're worth the schlep unless you really don't have anything good where you're from (TO I think??).

        Regarding Dhansak/Persian dishes, I'm not up on that cuisine but there are a number of Persian grocers/restos on Lonsdale in North Van if you care to make the trek over the Lion's Gate Bridge.

        Hope this is helpful...

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          I just remembered another Indian rec from another forum: Salam Bombay on 755 Burrard St. The food looks somewhat modern. I have not yet been there.

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            Hi there. Thanks for the reply. I'm gonna take this to the other thread, to keep this simple...but a quick reply here.

            I like the angle on 'authentic', and I believe it. Indian can make so many wonderful things when a little creativity is employed.

            I will investigate and compile notes. Toronto does indeed have some great Indian (New Haandi in Little India).


          2. Salam Bombay. This is a new upscale Indian restaurant just opened up in downtown. If you are into fine dining or if you are a real foodie you should make it a point to visit this place. The ambience is wonderfull, the service is very friendly and the food is amazing. Not your ordinary greasy butterchicken restaurant. A gem of its own. Vijs on 11th is another fusion Indian. If you are visiting here expect long waits. Maurya close by on broadway is another place but food is average and service is terrible at times. I would say avoid their buffet. Sitar in gastown is another nice place and so is Gate of India on Robson. If you go to Davie dont miss India Bistro. All India on Main and 49 is another cheap treat.

            1. Not sure about Persian but I've always had good food at
              Tandoori King at 64th and Fraser St.

              1. I found Maurya on Broadway to be quite good. I know they have improved a lot recently. I think they even won a bunch of awards for 2008. Raga seems to be dying a slow death. Haven't been to Salaam Bombay but have heard it quite good. Vij's obviously is in a class of its own but who really wants to stand in line for an hour before eating.