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Aug 3, 2008 11:04 PM

Farmer's Market worth a visit?

Years and years ago (before Farmer's Markets were a "regular" part of life), I remember a trip to the LA Farmer's Market (didn't know it by any other name than that.......I remember it as huge, and not open air) and was amazed! Coming to LA next weekend. Is it still something worth a trip? And, if so, what are your favorite vendors/food finds/places to eat?
thanks, Susan

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  1. Of course it's worth a visit! It's one of the great treasures of L.A. history and always a fun spot to have lunch, even though it's not really a temple to food like some of the great indoor markets of other cities (you won't really find any outstanding fruits and vegetables, for example). The food stands are not necessarily the very best food of their type, but everyone can find something they like.
    The best spots for lunch are:
    Loteria Grill -- don't listen to the naysayers, they have some wonderful Mexican dishes, maybe not as cheap as East L.A., but it's a different experience. Don't miss the homemade jamaica drink.
    Singapore Banana Leaf -- If you like somewhat more spicy and exotic food, this is a pretty good approximation of a food stand you will find in Singapore or Malaysia. Try the laksa noodles or the rojak salad.
    Moishe's middle eastern -- Solid Middle Eastern food, try the muhammara pepper spread.
    Also fun to try are the Gumbo Pot for decent Cajun food and the crepe place for main-course or dessert crepes.
    After lunch, try Bob's Doughnuts for real old-fashioned doughnuts, Bennett's Ice Cream (not Gill's on the other side of the market!) or pick up some amazing English toffee or other candies at Littlejohn's.
    There's also a hot sauce store with a jillion varieties that make good gifts, a soda shop with old-time flavors of bottled sodas, and a good butcher and fishmonger if you're staying somewhere where you're cooking. Monsieur Marcel, while not the best cheese shop/gourmet shop in town, is also worth a visit if you need a few gourmet items or want to relax with a glass of wine and a cheese plate after shopping.
    Have fun!