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Aug 3, 2008 10:22 PM

Please Comment - What to do about oversalted chicken?

The boss's wife fell and broke both of her arms and my midwestern values require me to take a meal over to their house. I settled on a sauted chicken with vegs in wine sauce, lemon pesto and a salad. I sprinkled both sides of the chicken breast with sea salt, then dredged in flour and sauted, added other veggies and wine and cooked to completion. But horrors! I tried the finished product and I had sprinkled way too much salt on the chicken. (I will never add salt before dredging again...) I don't have any more chicken in the house, or I would make it again, minus the salt. I already told them I would bring this over tomorrow. Is there anything I can do? Would you bring the salty chicken over? Any chance it might fade overnight?

Any and all advice and suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. Get another chicken and start over ...
    Ain't nothin' you can do that will be effective in removing salt from food that's already cooked.

    1. The only thing I can think of is cutting up the chicken breast into pieces and putting it over rice or pasta to "dilute" the saltiness.

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        spkspk is right, the only chance you have of really reducing the saltiness is by distributing it throughout a larger volume of food. cut it up & mix with rice or pasta & veggies that have been seasoned with some heat/spice & maybe acid. that should help balance the salt.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. What a bummer! It's not going to fade away... I know what I would do- toss it, or keep the salty stuff to try and pull apart and fix, but I wouldn't bring it to friends.
          Take a deep breath and start over. I'd start thinking, "ok, maybe that's meant to be- this dish wouldn't taste good re-heated anyway..." or "who really eats chicken? most people just tolerate chicken..." or most likely: "that wine wasn't the best choice for the sauce, I'll just have to drink the rest of the bottle and try again..."
          I'm sorry :o(

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            Right on ... I might try some of the other ideas and see if my own family accepted the "adjustment", but I'm not taking it to the boss and his wife. Not on your life.

          2. Could you dice up the chicken and use it to make a soup?

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              It is for your BOSS and family you got to go get more chicken. Work on the salty stuff and serve it to your own family.