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Aug 3, 2008 10:21 PM

Seeking venue for small family dessert party

I am seeking a venue for a small family party for my daughter's first birthday in Brooklyn. Ideally I would like a bakery or ice cream parlor where we can sit around one big table, will not be rushed and will have good food without breaking the bank. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. Downtown Atlantic. If you want food other than dessert, it's inexpensive and good. If you only want dessert, they bake cupcakes and will make a birthday cake at very reasonable prices. Just call and ask Kurt in advance. Big round tables or long rectangular are both there and they're used to children. Best bet in my opinion.... if you're in this area of Bklyn.

    1. Though they have mixed reviews on this board, I'd say Sweet Melissa on Court.

      Not to be nosy, but you have a 1 year old ice cream eater?


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        No, I don't think the one year old will be eating ice cream but I thought it would be fun for everyone else. Who knows, maybe she will try it? She just started eating solid foods a month ago so we'll have to see. I do like Sweet Melissa and Downtown Atlantic baked goods, though I've never had their food and have heard mixed things about it from others. Those are good ideas, thanks.