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Aug 3, 2008 09:53 PM

Disappointed at Da Andrea

After all the applause Da Andrea gets on CH, I decided to try out this W. Village restaurant. My tri-color salad was kind of bland, and, unforgivably, my penne pasta was seriously undercooked, definitely beyond "al dente" and into "al rigid." The sauce was nothing great either. My servers were nice and the bread decent, but that's about all the good stuff I can say about this place.

The Vegetarian New Yorker:

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    1. My grilled calamari appetizer was pretty bad. My friend tried it and agreed. Needless to say, we just put it aside and didn't even continue to eat it; it didn't taste fresh at all. With that said, my pasta dish was pretty good and the service was prompt and friendly.

      1. Hm, I've always been quite pleased with the place, but have never ordered anything you got. I assume the tri colore salad is moz tomato and basil? which larely just depends on the quality of tomates used in my opinion.

        THe pene is the only pasta on the menu which isn't fresh, which is why i've never ordered it. i think all their other pastas are quite good, and the prosciuto bun things for an appetizer are great.

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          a tri colore salad has radicchio, endive, and romaine. Tomato, mozzarella, basil is a caprese salad.

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            my mistake, i knew it was normally called a caprese but thought maybe they just renamed it there. i don't know how that could have been screwed up then, although i loathe radicchio so i don't think i'd ever have ordered it.

        2. While everything at a place should be good, Da Andrea has a few things to avoid. The penne pasta is one, because it isn't homemade. Much better to get the fetuccini, the ravioli, etc. Never had that salad. I would have the zuppa di pesce, the stinco di agnelo, etc. Give it another try and ask the server what's best that night (often it is the fresh fish).

          1. The pappardelle with sausage is delicious. The service is friendly, the carafe of house wine a bargain. The menu does not change and this is a disappointment.

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              From what I've heard/tried this is one of the only entrees worth getting. Although the lamb "looked" good too the night I was there last.