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Getting married at City Hall on Friday...

My fiance and I are getting married at City Hall (actually the Municipal Building) this coming Friday afternoon. For lunch, we would like to a great restaurant to celebrate. Thinking of perhaps Jean Georges, Le Benardin, or Bouley, but I'm open to other suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Do a search for the recent thread on "eloping." It had a lot of great suggestions.

    1. Perry Street is lovely at lunch. Open beautiful space but seems more intimate than Jean Georges.
      If you want small romantic I love Little Owl (check to be sure they are open for lunch)
      Congrads and enjoy your day!!!!

      1. I'd do Jean Georges--better and more romantic than Le Bernardin or Bouley.

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          I like JG very much, but I'm not sure I think of it as romantic, or more "romantic" than Bouley, which I think of, in some what of a stereotypical way as being on the romantic side, though I found the decor somewhat dated.

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            You're right--I think Bouley is more romantic than JG, but I do think JG is better foodwise than Bouley.

        2. I have not been to Bouley. I would probably go with Jean Georges. Even though I am a huge seafood lover I found Le Benardin to stiff of an environment for me. I feel JG would be an excellent choice

          1. river cafe might work for you.
            take the water taxi from the battery.
            the views of the statue and the brooklyn bridge are free.
            pretty romantic in my book.

            1. I would not go to Jean Georges or Le Bernadin for a lunch after my wedding. JG is extremely bright and lunch tends to be mostly the tourist crowd. Le Bernadin is filled with "ladies who lunch" and other elderly UES denizens. Out of those three, I think Bouley would be the most romantic lunch after a wedding. Especially with their beautiful floral centerpieces.

              But since you'll be at City Hall and it's supposed to be a gorgeous day on Friday, why not stay downtown and walk somewhere nice to eat? If you're don't like Bouley, there are several other great choices. What about Chanterelle? Danube? Rosanjin? Scalini Fedelli? They're all great restaurants that have very romantic settings. Perfect for a lunch celebration.

              By the way, congrats on the coming nuptials!

              1. I hope I'm not late in replying to this but I ate at Jean Georges the day I got married in City Hall & loved my meal. The combination of the formal meal & the rush to take the train downtown before they close (3:45) was fun, but I guess it sounds like you are doing things in the opposite order. I would pick it over Bouley but I haven't been to Le B. Eat at a *** on your wedding day.

                1. Bringing back (fond) memories: Pouring rain, subway to city hall, forgotten money order: "bro, can I borrow twenty bucks for the liscense?". Fifteen years later, still happly married.
                  We went to Asia de Cuba for drinks and then to JoJo, where we had a great meal. I think the Chanterelle suggestion might be best. It is a romantic room with great food and service. You could think about going to the bar at the Battery Ritz, over-looking the harbor, for a post nuptual drink.

                  1. Appreciate all of the input. We ended up going to Bouley and had a delicious lunch. Thanks again.

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                      Wonderful - and congratulations!