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Aug 3, 2008 07:18 PM

Peruvian ceviche, where?

I am tired of trying so called "Great" Peruvian ceviche. Where do you find the real thing? The best ever was an illegal restaurant at a family's house in Jackson Heights by Roosevelt and 75th street(?). The place is long gone but that was the absolute best mixed seafood ceviche. The Leche de tigre was mind blowing. A perfect blend of marinade, seafood flavor and spice. One sip and your head broke out in a sweat.

Anything come close to this in the NYC area?

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  1. Give Pio Pio Riko in Greenpoint a shot, 996 Manhattan Avenue. Their ceviche is a giant heap of food, can't recall a spice level, but the food is rather cheap and everything I remember having was very good (anticuchos, yuca, and one of the ceviche dishes). It's a bit dirty and there's no ambiance whatsoever, but I really enjoyed it.

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      I'm not a fan of Pio Pio Riko in Sunnyside. Decent enough chicken, but the ceviche was rubbery and the yam, corn, etc. not great. This past weekend, we had lunch at Pio Pio to Go in JH and besides terrific chicken (tender, flavorful, albeit not with very crisp skin), and a refreshing avocado salad, we had a good basic ceviche de pescado. Asked for it hot and got very mild (grr), but the fish was fresh, sweet and tender. Unexciting but enjoyable, definitely not awful at least on this visit.

      One of these days I think I'm gonna have to do a ceviche crawl in Passaic, NJ.


      Check out above link, have you tried this place in Queens? Woodhaven & Jackson Heights area locations, El Anzuelo Fino --------------jfores posted on it with raves, as well as a review I read awhile back by Sietsema in the Voice. Been meaning to get over but haven't been yet. Please post a review if you go. Make sure you stay away from Pio Pio's, it's awful.

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        Wife and I went to El Anzuelo Fino for lunch today. Very bright, clean place and nice people. The Civiche Mixto was Clean and fresh. Nice acid and mild heat. The waitress did not know what Leche de Tigre was and none came with the dish. Which was fine as the dish was very good. My wife had the rottisorie chicken. Moist yet little flavor, Skin was not crispy or super flavorful and they never heard of salsa verde or green cilantro sauce or the many ways we tried to describe it. Isn't that what makes the chicken and fried yucca so damn yummy and extra good?

        Over all we enjoyed it. Next time we will get the ceviche again and try one of the amazing seafood dishes that were on the menu. We will stick to one of the chicken places on Roosevelt when we want chicken.

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          Those seafood mains are generally very good and the portions are basketball sized!

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          The best I've had is at El Sol on Northern Blvd. around 87th street.