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Aug 3, 2008 07:17 PM

Red Robin Burgers

I know there's been Red Robin threads, but the closest one talked about specific burger selections. My question is about the QUALITY.

I've always heard GREAT things about Red Robin burgers so last week I had one, Swiss and mushrooms.

The meat was bland.

It was NOT juicy.....i've had juicier ones at Ruby Tuesday's.

I post not to rant but to ask, did I just have bad luck? OR are Red Robin burgers not juicy?


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  1. On my recent trip "Down yonder" we tried RR.
    I had the bacon cheese burger and quite liked it. It's by far not the best burger I've ever had and was rather off put by the cost of said burger but for quality alone, I put it in the pretty darned good category.
    I thought that the onion rings should've been fresh made rather than from frozen since the make the burgers on site.


    1. I've had the same experience at RR. I ordered a regular burger with just lettuce tomato. Meat was bland bordering on dry. Maybe I got them on an off day, but have no interest in returning.

      1. We don't go to RR all that often (the price combined with ten thousand screaming kidlets tends to drive us to other places), but I've always had a good quality/flavored burger there. Never had a dry one except the one time I tried their turkey burger - won't make that mistake again.

        1. I've always had a good burger at RR. Their shakes and fries and onion rings are awesome too.

          1. maybe you should order your meat less well cooked?

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              the RR we went to a couple weeks ago wouldn't do anything less tha medium. DH didn't mind so much because it had a ton of stuff on it. He said it was good. I get the chicken in my sandwich, it's always been good.

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                What's the difference, when they only allow Medium, not Medium-rare, and they are all grey in the middle no matter what you say? I haven't had a properly cooked burger at Red Robin in a couple of years. And, the price has gone up $2 since then. $9.49 for a so-so cheeseburger?

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                  Weird. I have the opposite experience. They technically offer only "some pink" and "no pink", and even if I order "no pink" there's always been plenty of pink. They seem, at least at the one I've been to most, to take care not to overcook.

                  I tend to get a chicken sandwich though. At 9-10 bucks a sandwich it really isn't that great a value, no, but every once in a while it hits the spot because it's nearby. Kind of a wasteland out this way, nowhere better near the house to get a burger/sandwich of that sort (in the evening anyway; there's a new diner that's open only until 3pm), that I know of, plus even if there was, it wouldn't satisfy the veggie part. This is a key reason we go, so my girlfriend can get a concoction on a veggie burger that we wouldn't think of at home (and even then not have to make it). I suppose I could read the menu and re-create some of them, but sometimes it's just as much about not having to do any work....

                  1. re: Hensley

                    Yesterday we stopped at RR on our way home in the middle of a 4 hr. drive. I ordered the bacon cheese Burger and was asked some pink or no pink. I said pink and it came that way and was juicy. Not a bad burger after all, it did need some salt and pepper.