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Aug 3, 2008 07:05 PM

Soma chocolate gift items?

I was at Soma in the Distillery yesterday and saw their host of chocolate items like hazelnut-somethinged chocolate, cocoa-covered truffles, homemade toffee. They're all priced at $5 per bag. Can anyone tell me how tasty these are? Are they anything special? (I can't actually remember the exact names of these things because they are actually quite complicated and ornate)

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  1. I really enjoyed:

    - zaletti (Venetian cornmeal and raisin cookie)
    - baci di dama ("ladies kisses" hazelnut chocolate between two hazelnut cookies)
    - pumpkin seed snaps
    - fruit jellies

    1. I haven't tried those in particular, but have tried several of their truffles and they were all quite nice. Another idea would be to give the Mayan sipping chocolate mix. It can be mixed with a little water for a rich, thick shot or with more water or hot milk for hot chocolate with a kick.

      1. Hi merlot143, I didn't actually enjoy the baci di dama that much - I found them a bit dried out without much hazelnut flavour. I did however love their chocolate nibs - they were extremely intense in flavour and were a bit bitter, like coffee beans. They were in the same price range and are usually packed in little silver bags. I think everyone's taste varies drastically, so I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction. Personally, I think their non-chocolate items fall flat for me (nothing can compare to the hazelnut cookies I've had in Italy, unfortunately). But to each their own!