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Aug 3, 2008 06:04 PM

Pollock Pines/ S. Lake Tahoe--Help!

I can't find much for the area we are staying in, Pollock Pines. If any chowhound is on line and knows the area, please give me your thoughts. We found a funky roadhouse that the Rotary eats at called 50 Grand and a chinese restaurant called The Mandarin that evidently has been around for 20 years. (I found one poster who raved about their Won Ton soup. So far those are our top picks. AAA suggests St. Pauli German, but my experience with AAA is avoid their choices at all costs! Any suggestions?

Also, spending 2-3 nights in South Lake Tahoe. Any suggestions appreciated. If we have to go to a casino buffet, which would be the best?

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  1. How about Sportman's Hall? I have not been there in quite a while but it has always been pretty decent.

    And the best casino buffet in Southshore is Harrahs, but only on Firday nights. there are a ton of threads about good places in South Shore here if you search.

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      I just responded on the SF board where Ms. Verde also posted. Like you, it's been years since I've been to the Sportsman's Hall. I remember it as being an Italian Family Style road house....... huge portions! A steak that was big enough for 3 of us to share! But this was maybe 25 years ago....... is the format still similar?
      Sportsman's Hall
      5620 Pony Express Trl
      Pollock Pines, CA 95726
      (530) 644-4422

      1. re: gordon wing

        Well, based on the suggestion for the Mandarin, we tried it. It was, indeed, the best Won Ton soup we had ever had. Great chicken lettuce cups, too! Lots of locals were in there, a good sign. Anyway, I would make an effort to time my trip to eat there in the futurej. Very reasonable, too. Soup for 2-3, just $4.50.

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          I haven't been to the Sportsmans hall in awhile ....the last time it was OK. I wouldn't go... As gordon wing says ....maybe 25 years ago..LOL. Try The Haven restaurant in Pollock Pines. It is right across the street from The 50 Grand restaurant. There is also a great mexican restaurant "Tres Hermanos" . All of these three are within 1/2 mile of each other. (not the sportsmans hall). Either go to Los Hermanos (if you want mexican) or "The Haven Restaurant"...Steak, Seafood 530-644-3448
          6396 Pony Express Trail, Pollock for hours !
          As far as St Pauli's...we have a cabin in Kyburz...So we will go here sometimes.....I say "The Haven" !!!!! Have the Haven Special....Filet mignon topped with avacado and jack cheese cooked to perfection.
          I love Friday's Restaurant in Harvey's's pricey though :)

      2. Stay away from St. Pauli. After passing it so many times on trips out west, I finally had the chance to try it. It was some of the worst German food I've ever had in my life. If you stop for lunch and stick to a sandwich, it does have a nice view overlooking a river out back. Personally, I don't think the view is worth it.

        1. Can't figure it out but no one has reported on Dante on the River which is east of Pollack Pines and a few minutes east of Pauli.

          It is a beautiful place with views of the American River.

          We stopped for lunch there yesterday and think the Italian food is the equal to any place we have experienced in the Bay Area. My wife had eggplant parmiagina which she declared the best she has ever had. I had the penne gorgonzola which had a rich gorgonzola sauce enhanced with a marinara that was absolutely fantastic. The eggplant came along with fresh vegetables that were yummy and ripe with garlic. It also came with a side of penne marinara.

          All meals come with a nice ceasar salad and bread which is baked on the premises.

          The wine list consists of many local wines. They serve beer but do not have hard liquor.

          The cost for our two meals and 2 glasses of zinfidel was $40.65 before tip. I don't recall the open days but I recall they are open possibly from Wednesday to Sunday, but you had better call to make sure. The phone is 530 293-3457 and the address is 10946 Hwy 50, Pollack Pines.

          1. Dante's on the River - The food here is truly remarkable, it is some of the best Italian food, period. They also serve steak, etc. that is truly phenomenal. Service is nice, they are a small business in a remote area. Do not expect gourmet service like a 5 star restaurant, but do expect 5 star food.

            NOTE: They are quirky about their hours so make sure you call ahead.
            Winter Serving Hours
            Thursday thru Monday - 11:00AM to 9:00PM
            (530) 293-3457.