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Aug 3, 2008 05:40 PM

Shabbos Meals in midtown Manhattan

Can anybody recommend a good place to get shabbos meals delivered to a hotel in midtown Manhattan?

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  1. I would ask Murray at Murray's falafel. There is also Mendy's if you want something closer.

    1. I would ask Kosher marketplace at 90th and Broadway, they send all over Manhattan with a delivery service. And unlike the falafel they would have a full range of Shabbos dishes, challa etc.

      1. I think all the restaurants do this, from Kosher Delight to Prime Grill.

        1. Thanks... Any specific recommendations for a restaurant that is reasonable in price?

          1. There is now another great option for Shabbos for a single of both meals at West Side Jewish Center on 34th Street in Midtown.
            Its being run by a French Rabbi and West side Jewish Center/Zanger Hall.

            Its located on 347 west 34th street.

            There is a great ambiance, home cooked French/Moroccan food.

            Was there an it was a great atmosphere! Groups of tourists, young locals (many walked from other parts of city) but most of all a friendly and loving atmosphere..

            You can see more/reserve from their site.