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Aug 3, 2008 05:33 PM

Seeking recommendations, Tri Valley area

I work in Livermore but live in the South Bay so I'm unfamiliar with the local eateries. Anybody have recommendations for restaurants in the Tri Valley area? Thanks!

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    1. Wente in Livermore usually has pretty decent (but overpriced for the quality) food. The setting is the real draw there. I've never had a bad experience at Cafe Esin, which was located in San Ramon but just moved one exit down to Sycamore Valley Road in Danville and is now called just "Esin". They have very fresh food and great desserts.

      Cafe Esin - CLOSED, moved to Danville
      2416 San Ramon Vly Blvd # 140, San Ramon, CA

        1. The smoked pork chop at the restaurant at Wente Winery is one of the best dishes I've ever had, anywhere.

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            1. Livermore:
              1) El Charro, a small, unpretentious Mexican restaurant with good food, friendly service, and reasonable prices. Downtown on First St.
              2) Alekos - except that it's Greek/Mediterranean, all the same qualities as El Charro. On north Vasco.

              Pleasanton: Eddie Papa's, American comfort food, lots of good items on the menu. On Hopyard.

              1) a new place, Pho Asian Bistro. This has become our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the tri-valley. The best fresh spring rolls anywhere. Made to order, they're not premade, refrigerated, and served cold like many other places do. Banh xeo, bahn mi, pho -- we've liked everything that we've tried. In Hacienda Crossings with the 21 theaters.
              2) Singapore Old Town Cafe -- the best restaurant of any type in the tri-valley. On east Dublin Blvd in Ulferts Center.