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Aug 3, 2008 04:37 PM

Marumi Sushi - Plantation/Broward

I was passing by this place the other day and I wanted to try it out. However, before I tried it out, I wanted to see if anyone out there has tried it and had any reviews. I did a quick search and didn't find anything.

Here is their site:
Here is a review by Judith Stocks:

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  1. Have you been to Yakko San in North Miami Beach? They are similar in style, ie, "Tapas style" authentic Japanese dishes, w a blackboard of Today's Specials. Not the typical American-Japanese restaurant.

    I went w a Japanese group (Japanese plus people who learns Japanese, stayed in Japan for a while etc) and we all had a good time. The food is pretty good, though I won't call the sashimi exceptional, and service is excellent. The most attentive, patient and friendly we have experienced for a while.