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Aug 3, 2008 04:09 PM

Shantung Style Grilled Fish

Fellow CH's, I'm curious to know what this dish is. I was at a Chinese restaurant and "tried" to order the dish but was refused. I was told I would not like it and was asked to order something else. I was a bit insulted - I guess that discussion is for another time. I'm more curious to know what exactly this dish is and why a non-chinese person would be immediately judged to dislike it.


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  1. Many Chinese and some Indo/Pakistani restaurants do this. It's fair to warn, but it's dumb to refuse. I've got a post on China House from the seventies that is quite funny. Which restaurant were you at?

    1. It may be that the fish is served whole. Some non-Chinese people find that creepy. That's my best guess.

      1. I was at Asian Legend. I agree it's one thing to warn but another to refuse. I would be very surprised if "Shantung Style" means whole fish.

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          Strange, I've never been denied anything I've ordered at Asian Legend, but then again I mostly go with Chinese-speaking Chinese, so that might be the case. Next time I'm there, I'll try ordering this dish though.