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Aug 3, 2008 04:09 PM

Sensational New Haagen Dazs Flavor

Well, it's new to me at least, and I thought it was fantastic. Caramelized pears and toasted pecans --- never tasted anything like it. Just sharing the good news!

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  1. Be still my heart.
    I would reduce a little Balsamic and drizzle just a tiny bit over it. This might be fantastic.
    If not - back to the container for round 2

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    1. re: GodfatherofLunch

      O Godfather, that sounded like a really neat idea. So, too lazy to go through reduction process, drizzled just a little 18-year-old balsamic vinegar over what remained in our carton. Don't know which way I like it better! The balsamic gives it a spike of tartness, a little tingle. Would be even better with the mellower reduction, but I'm not arguing. Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

        Thrilled that suggestion worked out. I don't think the 18 year old stuff needs to be reduced. I was thinking of the 3 week old balsamic in my pantry might taste like your 19 year old by reducing to a gastrique.
        I thought they would "Pair" well together. Another idea, much more blue collar but may well be tasty- some grape jelly or jam? What doya think?

        1. re: GodfatherofLunch

          All the ice cream is gone, and since we're dieting, there'll be a pause before we refresh it --- but the grape jelly sounds offhand like it would be too simply sweet. It was the contrast of the piquant vinegar (even though it's also sweet) that was the appeal. For some reason, I was just reminded of a young German friend who loves grape (or raspberry, something red) jelly on her liverwurst. I knocked it until I tried it. Again it's contrast, smoky against sweet. In the interests of science, however, you might wish to give the Haagen Dazs and grape jelly a try!

    2. Oh, put me in the no category. The pear flavor tasted so off I couldn't finish it. We ended up throwing away more than 1/2 the container.

      My favorite new flavor has been the fleur de sel caramel. Surprisingly, it's been really difficult to find.

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      1. re: Miss Needle

        It was okay, but I recently tried Creme Brulee (hard to find) and think it superior to Dulce De Leche, which I thought was the best flavor they ever made.

        The Reserve flavors leave me cold.

        1. re: Miss Needle

          I found the fleur de sel caramel and at diablo foods in Lafayette and on occasion at Safeway in Orinda. We stopped buying it because it tasted too good!

          1. re: Miss Needle

            I love the caramel fleur de sel too. It's one of Haagen*Daz "Private Reserve" flavors and not all store carry this part of the line. IIRC this is a super-super premium ice cream line with a very high butterfat content. Definitely not a diet delight, but absolutely worth every single bite

            1. re: Miss Needle

              Hi Miss Needle,

              I always love anything in salt caramel flavor (e.g. the Shake Shack frozen custard!). I saw this flavor from HD but was hesitant to buy it. Could you actually taste the salt? My pet peeve about this flavor is that most of time I can only taste caramel without any savory dimension.

              1. re: kobetobiko


                I haven't had the Shake Shack frozen custard yet. So I can't compare it to that one. The only other fleur de sel caramel ice cream I've had was at Berthillon in France. You would have loved that one -- the salt flavor was pronounced, and went really well with the caramel. Perfect balance.

                The HD one also has chocolate in it. So it's probably a bit different than the Shake Shack one. You can taste the salt, but it's n

                1. re: Miss Needle

                  Sorry -- I think my sentence got cut off in the end. What I meant to say was that you could taste the salt, but it's not as pronounced as Berthillon. But as a gal who's a freak about anything salted caramel as well, HD fits the bill.

                2. re: kobetobiko

                  I like the HD fleur de sel caramel flavor, but personally I was not really able to taste the salt. It's caramel-flavored ice cream with a caramel ribbon and chocolate-covered gooey caramels that are supposedly sprinkled with fleur de sel. There certainly aren't any crunchy salt bits and I find that the most savory part is the ribbon, which tastes more buttery than salty. It's not overly sweet, which is usually my worry with caramel ice cream, so I liked it anyway.

              2. Love the fluer de sel caramel! TO. DIE. FOR.

                1. I think I am in the minority, but I do not think I have ever tried a HD flavor I particularly liked. Even though they're ingredients are more wholesome than most, they're is always some sort of artificial tasting flavor that throws me.


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                  1. re: ArikaDawn

                    What brand do you like? I have found HD's vanilla flavor to be excellent and this is the base for most other flavors. I would say my favorite is Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk. Rich chocolate ice cream with nuts and chocolate and chocolate covered nuts and white chocolate and fudge chucks. Not exactly subtle but I love it.

                    1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                      I actually really like most brands that I've tried though I've favored Blue Bell and making my own as of late. I am no ice cream snob though as Edy's Slow Churned also makes regular appearances. Ben and Jerry's is good, Phish Food and Half Baked yum, but I have a hard time with the nutritional info. Eek!
                      The first HD flavor I tried was Sticky Toffee Pudding and I really thought something was wrong with my container until someone told me that was how it was supposed to taste. I then tried the rum raisin and white chocolate raspberry truffle and didn't care for either of those. Maybe it is just too rich for me, but I just stick to other brands I've had better luck with.


                      1. re: ArikaDawn

                        I think Ben and Jerry's is a bit better for the chunky flavors. But for the smoother ones, I prefer HD. I found Sticky Toffee Pudding a bit too sweet, and I also don't care for rum raisin (even though it seems to be such a favorite with people). I've never had the white chocolate raspberry truffle.

                  2. Oh, you guys are killing me. I'm a huge HD fan but, in Canada, we just don't get the variety of flavours you do. I even emailed Nestle about it after I was comparing the .ca and .com sites side by side. (and the reply was some standard form letter..blah blah blah. Surprise, surprise).

                    Toasted pecans...I freakin' love these!
                    fleur de sel caramel!! ahhh that sounds amazing!!
                    Creme brulee BETTER than Dulce De leche (which is my fav)...I've always wanted to try it but, it's not here..grrrr

                    We're going to the US in a few weeks. If they have any of these at the scoop shops, I'll be in heaven...wishful thinking??

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                    1. re: livetocook

                      I'm dying right along with you here in Bermuda. I guess I should be lucky that we get any flavour of Haagen Dazs at all. But still, pear, salt caramel. Oh my.