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Aug 3, 2008 03:34 PM

Crab Cake Detour On The Drive Bet NY & MD

Hello All!

I am planning a quick trip to the Bethesda area from NYC in late September, and I am hoping to find a place or places along the drive to stop for delicious lump crab cakes.

I welcome your suggestions.


Edit for more information:

This is going to be a very quick trip. I will be leaving NYC a Friday afternoon and returning that Saturday late afternoon/early evening.

I am not familiar with the drive to know which "best crab cake" place is accessible as a stop along the way. Also I would need to find a place open in the evening.

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  1. Check the recent thread on "best crab cake". A number of those places are on the east side of the Baltimore metro, not too far off of I-95 north. Enjoy!

    1. What day of the week is your roadtrip? If you check the boards for crabcakes recs, many of the suggested places are closed on Sunday.

      1. "I will be leaving NYC a Friday afternoon and returning that Saturday late afternoon/early evening. "

        Faidley's will be closed both coming and going.

        I don't know what's available along I-95 north of Baltimore, but south of Baltimore along I-95, I would probably go with Gunnings:
        7304 PARKWAY DRIVE
        HANOVER, MD 21076

        Gunnings isn't the best place for crabcakes, but the best for the general area. Better than G&M, which someone is sure to suggest.

        (For great crabcakes, my choices would be Faidley's, Jerry's in Lanham, and the Annapolis Seafood Market.)


        1. Try Woody's in North East, MD about 10 minutes east of I 95 a few miles south of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Open in the evening. Easy access.

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            Sorry to say that the best places for crabcakes are not along I-95 and aren't even a quick detour. They're on the eastern shore, across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I can recommend several there, but it will take you at least an hour out of your way. Do you have that much time?

            1. re: brendastarlet

              Not true! There are several great places for crabcakes on this side of the bridge.

          2. Many years ago I had a very wonderful crab cake at the Tidewater Grill in Havre de Grace -- and was on my way back from NYC.

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            1. re: Teddybear

              Timbuktu has very nice crabcakes and is off Rt 100 west of I-95