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Aug 3, 2008 02:35 PM

Steak Frites & Frisee aux Lardons--compare & contrast

Two of my favorite bistro standbys...we were in the Longwood area last Monday, there was a game at Fenway, so instead of Eastern Standard, we went to Aquitaine bis in Chestnut Hill on our way back to New Hampshire. Pleasantly surprised! The salad was beautifully composed, flavors all kicking in perfectly, and the steak was prepared as ordered, "bleu". Almost mooing, the way I like it. Great sauce--a red wine reduction with truffle vinaigrette, and superb fries. Banana tarte tatin was inventive and delicious. Excellent service, love it when they fold your napkin when you go to the loo. Overall experience was a notch above ES--a bit more attentive, less like a bistro factory cranking out dinners for the baseball masses. This felt more like la Rotonde on Boulevard Montparnasse. Only caveat--Aquitaine bis leans toward the blue-hair crowd, and I'm not talking about the ones with tattoos or lip rings. A great choice if you are in the nabe, hitting Bloomingdales and need a few more Ralph Lauren polo shirts!

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  1. excellent - was the salad entrée sized or app sized?

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        Actually, the last time I was there the service was so haphazard that I swore never to go back. The food was fine --when we finally got it-- but just be aware that they can be really inconsistent.

        Now that you mention it, maybe I will give it another go.