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Aug 3, 2008 02:22 PM

The Cottage, Plainville CT

My husband and I had a great meal at The Cottage last night. Very friendly waitstaff and a huge menu selection. Five specials that weren't included on the evening's menu.
We had wasabi calamari that was plated on top of a fresh, crunchy salad of thinly sliced red pepper, string beans, cabbage and carrot. The appetizer was large and plentiful for $9. Honestly, was the first time I'd seen calamari without marinara on the side.
Our entrees were beautiful and delicious. Most were in the $18-27 range, with appetizers in the $7-10 range.
I had the vegetable crepes with goat cheese topped with grilled eggplant, fried green tomatoes and red pepper. There was a light and lovely balsamic and baby arugula salad on the side. My husband had the jambalaya special, with shrimp, and smoky andouille served around black beans and rice. He loved it, and we both took home large leftover portions. We were too full for one of the evening's 7 desserts, but one made to order option was a chocolate chip pecan iced cream sandwich with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Oh man.

Not a place you have to dress up for, but also great for a birthday dinner... there was a party of 12 behind us who all got salads, and meals at the same moment. Impressive for a small place.

We'll definitely go back... they have a less expensive take out menu too... lobster rolls, sandwiches, etc.

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  1. I am glad you enjoyed the Cottage. Please do not tell too many people about this place. Oh well, you already have. Anyway, the Cottage is by far our favorite restaurant in Connecticut. Yes, the atmosphere is somewhat country barn meets your grandmother's house but the food cannot be beat. I believe that Chef Patty is probably the most under-rated chef in CT. In general we are by far the youngest couple(or crowd when we go with friends) as we are only in our early 30's and the normal crowd seems to be mid 50's.

    Never pass on her pork as she can cook a hunk of pig like I have never had. My wife always likes her vegetarian entrees too. Save room for big desserts and as Dave for a good after dinner Port. You won't be dissapointed.

    1. I wish I could say the same positive things about The Cottage, but frankly I cannot.

      We received a gift certificate from a friend who raves about this place, so off we went. The ambience of the restaurant felt "off" somehow (though, as often is the case with "off," its hard to put your finger on why) though the service was friendly. It felt a little like a good home cook wanted to try her hand at a restaurant to me.

      For each of the diners, there were good parts and really odd parts. For instance, I had some sort of sausage on my plate whose source couldn't even be roughly identified, along with something (ground pistachios? falafel that fell apart? Ground TVP?) that I could neither identify nor eat (and actually, I can eat almost anything). The portions were very large and the wine selection was fine.

      All in all, though, I wouldn't go back. I wouldn't warn anyone, but I just wouldn't return. I am still interested in the fact that many people love this place-- and am willing to hear exactly why.