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Aug 3, 2008 02:15 PM

Bistro 7 or Chloe?

Which would you take me to for my birthday? My boyfriend apparently can't make the choice...

Or is there a third place you'd think we'd enjoy? Looking for a BYOB with awesome food. Thanks!

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  1. Bistro 7, nice atmosphere, great food and they take reservations

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    1. re: joluvscards

      Haven't eaten at Chloe (but heard many wonderful things), have eaten at Bistro 7 and was underwhelmed. Pretty good yes but awesome? No way. You want awesome head over to Django or Little Fish.....

      1. re: Schpsychman

        can you all elaborate on bistro 7? i am so curious but have never been.

        i really really want to go to django but i get sidetracked every time i head there. :)

        chloe is great, tucked away, romantic, all good date things.

        little fish lacks a little bit of the romantic ambiance, but the food is AWESOME and memorable. i'd want to eat little fish food on my birthday!!

        1. re: rabidog

          The food at Bistro 7 is along the lines of Matyson, Django, Chloe (from what I hear) but not nearly as good IMHO. The setting is nice but we just found the food to be OK, good but definitely not great. I remember the lamb dish I had was pretty dried out making it eh. We left underwhelmed.

          I have never had a bad meal at Django and always had very good to excellent ones, even after Bryan Sikora left. It is still a great restaurant IMHO. I definitely want to get to Chloe one of these days. Now for me, I DO find Little Fish quite romantic and would definitely take a date there (IF I were single). It has a NYC Village feel to me, which is always romantic in its own way. Rabidog, have you ever tried their Sunday 5-course price fixe ($28)? It is the best bargain in the city I think and the prefect amount of food. A nice bottle of Sancerre and you are in heaven!

          1. re: Schpsychman

            Interesting. I've had the opposite experiences. I used to love Django (even for a couple years after Sikora left), but have had a couple of underwhelming experiences there in the last 6 months. On the other hand, I always have a wonderful meal at Bistro 7. I don't think I've ever been disappointed by a dish there, and it is a very pleasant atmosphere. I haven't been to Little Fish, and I'm clearly going to have to give it a try.

            All that said, for BYOs of that type, I think that Matyson is head and shoulders above the rest.

            1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

              very interesting! if i had to rate the ones i've been to...

              chloe, raddichio, il cantuccio, la locanda - these all range from perfectly fine on up to pretty damn great.

              little fish, matyson, modo mio - these fall into my life-changing category and should not be missed. in most cases it is perfect seafood dishes that win me over. something so easy to ruin and so rare you have scallops as perfect as matyson and little fish's renditions.

              ambiance at little fish - i'd certainly bring a date there because to me any date who didn't fall in love with the place would be a date not worth calling again! the food totally makes up for it to the point ambiance there doesn't matter for me, but that said blue is just not a color i'm used to dining with. which is also probably a large part of the reason i don't cook at home often (blue kitchen)!
              no, i have not tried the sunday dinner but hope to someday! that sounds like a great deal considering the cash i've dropped there! hungryintheburbs - when you do go there, please try the halibut!!! it was the clear winner at our table of four last week. :)

              1. re: rabidog

                Thanks for the rec. I love halibut, so I will definitely give it a try. I need to get a babysitter on the phone and get down there soon!

                ITA about the scallops at Matyson. The preparations change, but they are always the sweetest, most perfectly cooked scallops I have ever had.

                Maybe it's because I'm old and married, but to me, the better the food, the more romantic the restaurant. I'd choose quality food over atmosphere every time.

                1. re: rabidog

                  Totally agree with you about fish/seafood dishes. They are SO easily ruined (with even 10 seconds too long in the pan) that when I get something so perfectly cooked it amazes me and is so enjoyable. Such is the case at Little Fish, every dish I've had there has been awesome. I must try Modo Mio then as well, having grown up on Italian food and being sick and tired of what is passed off in restaurants as Italian food, finding sublime Italian food is a rarity indeed. I must admit that I have to go back to Matyson, went there once and my wife and we were not wowed (it was good but not great), so I think I need to give them another try.

                  Haven't eaten at Django in the past year so your way more up to date than I am Hungry in the burbs! May have to try Bistro 7 again perhaps but have to admit I'm hesitant to. BTW, had a recent meal at Figs which was mighty good!

                  1. re: Schpsychman

                    eek. OK, so i went to bistro 7. was unimpressed on many levels, starting with walking through the door to inhale a dirty diaper smell. decor's fine, simple, pretty colors. it was packed but they found a table for us. the menu was worded in such a way that not much called out to me, but all i could get was the striped bass anyway. service was a tad slow but i attributed this to them being packed. also food took over 30 mins to arrive. normally this would be fine but we were in a hurry, so i was a bit irritated. the kitchen staff seemed way too small for the size of the restaurant. i counted 2 in the kitchen and 2 servers.
                    anyway food came and it was obvious that something was bad. more of that dirty diaper smell. i have a very sensitive nose, but even my dining partner noticed it when the food came. we narrowed it down to the piece of fish, which i did not eat more than a couple bites of. the concept of the dish was great - some couscous with fun little tomatoes and pretty herbs and mussels. just the execution of it didn't work because of the bad fish. didn't bother sending it back because we were way late for a show at the tin angel anyway. we chalked it up to live and learn, and hit the road. for what its worth, though i didn't try it, my dining companion had short rib, which she said was fine but not as tender as a recent short rib dish she had at parc.

      2. Honestly, both are good and you will not be disappointed. Flip a coin.

        1. I have dined at Chef Michael O'Halloran's Bistro 7, and have held events there, and they were remarkable. Friendly service, intimate, slightly austere space, intelligent, creative cooking from a very talented guy who cares.
          Cheers and Happy Birthday.
          Curious Cook

          1. Do you or your boyfriend like ribs? If so I'd say go to Chloe. My boyfriend and I used to live right down the street and he was in love with those ribs. It's a huge portion and I think he saw it as some type of eating challenge. From what I remember, I think they serve it with a side of homemade mac and cheese and some type of green. I'm pretty sure he has dreams about those ribs. Everything I've had from Chloe has been wonderful. I've never been to Bistro 7.

            1. FYI, message on the website, says:

              Chloe will be closed for vacation from Tuesday, August 12th through Tuesday, August 26th. We will re-open for dinner on Wednesday, August 27th.