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Aug 3, 2008 12:56 PM

What not to miss at Dinosaur BBQ

I was definitely going to get the ribs and the fried green tomatoes. Are those good choices? What should I definitely order, including sides?


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  1. excellent choices. i love the tomatoes.i've only had the original, but i want to try the remoulade topped ones next time. the ribs are excellent, but i like getting the combo plates -- 1/4 rack of ribs, and 2 other meats... the 2 i like both have the brisket, one is with pulled pork the other elgin sausage.
    i was not crazy about the shrimp appy.
    i have not had them but have heard the wings are really good.ditto the deviled eggs.

    the syracuse salt potatoes were awesome. the greens were good, but i have no idea why they would make them pork free... i mean it's not like they are pulling in a lot of vegetarians.... cole slaw was tasty, as were the beans, though they were a bit watery - but delish none the less. the fries did not impress me,. again, via hearsay, as i have not tried them, the fried rice and mac & cheese are supposed to be excellent

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      I'm a fan of their BBQ fried rice and mac n cheese. Pulled pork is fantastic!

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        Big ditto. Great wings.

        For the ribs, unless you like them very sauced up ask for the sauce on the side; when they're on their game, you don't need much.

      2. Huge, huge fan of their pulled pork!!! Love the ribs, but would get the pork over ribs any day. The Wango Tango wings are meaty, smoky, spicy, messy and insanely good. I'd make a trek up there if that is all they served.

        Love the beans, BBQ fried rice, salt potatoes (a Syracuse specialty not to be missed-hope you like a pool of melted butter!), solid french fries, the greens are usually pretty good, love the iceberg wedge and Bar-B-Blues dressing (though not everyone is a fan of the dressing) and ask what they veggie of the day is, they get creative with it sometimes. I've had a tomato and cheese casserole with toasted breadcrumbs and some killer carrot raisin salad (like a mayo based slaw, only somewhat sweet).

        Not a huge fan of the fried green tomatoes, although I think it's more about me not liking FGT than their execution of it. Had to try it once though. Deviled eggs are pretty good and my most favoriet sandwich is the Pork-Sket-Texas Beef brisket topped with melted cheese & pickled jalapeƱos, layered with pulled pork & finished with coleslaw. Like a brisket sandwich and a pulled pork sandwich had a love child!! Happy Eating!

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          Does Dinosaur have a bar w mixed cocktails? And if so is it a large bar enough to eat on?

          1. re: UES Mayor

            It does have mixed drinks but I wouldn't eat at the bar (not sure if its even allowed) Its not all that big considering how crowded it usually is

        2. Mac n cheese! SYRACUSE SALT POTATOES ARE AMAZING. Oh and I'm a big fan of the cubano sandwich. Esp when I slather it with the chipotle bbq sauce