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Aug 3, 2008 12:53 PM

Udder Delights, Fairlee VT

OH MY GOODNESS, has anyone been to this amazing scoop shop? Not only is it the most adorable little shop ever(it's painted in black and white spots) but this is the best ice cream i've ever tasted (even better than my homemade!) I recommend it to anyone who craves ice cream, you'll be hooked.

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  1. Udder Delight has great ice cream!! Fairlee VT is a small town,(less than 1,000) with two seasonal Ice Cream stands within a half mile of each other.
    Udder Delight, great flavors of hard ice cream,(they make their own) as well as soft serve. The Whippi Dip a few hundred yards down the road also on RT 5 offers soft serve, hard ice cream, dole whip etc. The Whippi Dip serves burgers, hot dogs, fries etc.
    Both are good, but as Tupelohoney noted, the Udder Delight's hard ice cream flavors are amazing. I had Purple Cow (white chocolate/raspberry) last evening, wife had Black Raspberry.

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      How's the Whippi Dip as a snack bar?

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        The Whippi Dip is decent snack bar food. Usual menu but they also have pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches on the menu. Prices are reasonable.