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Aug 3, 2008 12:29 PM

Fresh milk at an LA area farmers market??

I'm looking to purchase fresh milk from a dairy farmer at a farmers market in the LA area (west LA/Santa Monica preferred). I haven't seen any dairy farmers at the markets, am I missing them?
I remember growing up in the midwest and having dairy farmers selling their fresh milk in glass bottles at the markets.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. The only thing I can think of is the raw milk/raw cream booth at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Selma and Ivar. They may also be at the SM one but I neve go there, so...

    1. Might want to look for Broguiere's in places like Gelsons, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms.....they're a local dairy in Montebello that processes milk (they don't have cows) and package milk in glass bottles. Their chocolate milk and egg nog (when in season) are to die for.

      1. The raw milk at the Hollywood market is sold by Organic Pastures ( They distribute their milk to Whole Foods and maybe other stores in L.A. Call the company directly and find out where they distribute and, most importantly, when they distribute. You'll want to buy the milk right after the new delivery, to make sure it is at its freshest. It's a bit more expensive than buying it at the booth at the market, but time/travel/gasoline factor in.

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          Organic Pastures is at the LA Farmer's Market as well. The milk is significantly cheaper at the FM than it is at Whole Foods.

          I believe they also have a retail store and distribution center somewhere South of downtown. I think the information is on their website.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. I already buy Broguiere's from Whole Foods and have also bought the Organic Pastures there, too. I was just looking for a dairyman who sold fresh, plain old milk (not just raw milk/cream) at a market... Thanks again 'hounds.