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Aug 3, 2008 12:26 PM

How to make enchilada sauce?

I'm so mad that every grocery store near me has stopped selling Pace enchilada sauce. My mom used to make enchiladas with Old El Paso sauce out of a can, and I can't stand it.

Does anyone know how to make the sauce from scratch?

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    1. 4 dried pasilla chiles
      2 New Mexico chiles

      3 cloves garlic
      1/2 half onion, peeled
      1/4 tsp oregano


      1. break off stems and shake out seeds of all the dried chiles. In a hot dry skillet, press each chile onto the hot surface for about 15 seconds (both sides). Put toasted chile into a blender. Cover with hot tap water and let soak for at least 30 minutes.
      2. Over low heat in the same skillet put the unpeeled garlic and toast until dark on all sides. Roast the onion at the same time in the same pan - just to get a sear....don't burn the onion.
      3. Strain the chiles (and save the water). Taste the water it if is bitter don't use. Otherwise we can use the water (or alternatively you can use some chicken broth...depends if you want to avoid meat flavors). Peel the garlic and place in blender with the onion and oregano. Put half the water or broth into blender with the chiles. Blend slowly at first...if the chiles need more liquid stop the blender and add). Puree thoroughly. Strain through a medium mesh sieve.
      4. Heat that skillet again and put olive oil in it. Add all the strained chile sauce. Bring to a boil and lower heat and cook for 10 minutes or so. Salt as needed.

      Basic sauce that you can use to add other flavors as needed.