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Aug 3, 2008 10:30 AM

Where has all the game gone?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where you can find game in the Seattle area? I'm specifically looking for venison, elk, and rabbit (tho some game birds would also be nice). I know there used to be a game store on north aurora (which is now gone), and can't seem to find anywhere else that you can get this from. Thanks!

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  1. I think Ranch 99 usually has rabbit (no wild, I sure).

    1. You can EAT these meats at the Kort Haus on Phinney/Greenwood. Maybe they can give you a heads up as to where to purchase these, as well as crocodile and snake.

      1. Shoreline Central Market has frozen rabbit -- farm-raised in Oregon, I think, but not sure.

        Last time I passed through Bellingham, I stopped in a fish market on Railroad Ave that also carried frozen game--lots of the same stuff that Exotic Meats used to stock. (Smelled fairly bad inside, though, which isn't a good sign in a fish store.)

        If anybody finds a source for game birds, I'd love to know about it.

        1. farmed rabbit is generally in the cases at either of the butcher shops in pike place market and they are both willing to special order nearly any of the game meats commercially available

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            IN RE: Pike place meats:
            Inquiring minds, etc...

            Fero's Meat Market 206-262-0772
            Creminelli Fine Meats 206-626-6328
            Don & Joe's Meats 206-682-7670
            Stewart's Meat Market 360-458-2091

            Bavarian Meats Delicatessan 206-441-0942

          2. Exotic meats (formerly os shoreline) has moved to Bellevue.

            2245 148th Ave NE
            Bellevue, WA 98007
            (425) 641-1069

            I think they still have the same selection. At least I haven't tried to get anything that they no longer carry.

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            1. re: lgphil

              Unfortunately no longer true -- they've moved to Texas.
              (1003 NE loop 410. San Antonio, TX 78209, according to the link)

              1. re: AnonymousCoward

                Ouch. I knew they were having trouble after they lost the Shoreline place, but TEXAS. Looks like mail order for Subcloner.

                1. re: lgphil

                  Bob's Quality Meats on Rainier in Columbia City has cornish game hen and I think rabbit as well. Plus all their pork is reportedly free range. Plus its a venerable old joint with a congenial staff.

                  4861 Rainier Ave S
                  Seattle, WA 98118
                  Phone: (206) 725-1221

                  1. re: equinoise

                    Bobs does have rabbit and I think he also has quail.