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Where can I find mussels in New Orleans? I am interested in buying them, but I would also enjoy any resturant recomendations.

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  1. I've eaten them at:
    Clementine's on Westank on Whitney
    Chateau du Lac on Met. Rd.
    Cafe Degas on Esplanade
    Iris on Jeanette (until they move to the QTR)
    La Crepe Nanou on Robert
    Cafe Granada on Carrollton
    Martinique on Magazine
    Patois on Laurel
    Laurentino's on Transcontinental

    1. My favorites are Irene's and Cafe Grenada. Both in tomato based sauces. Tommy's is supposed to be the same as Irene's but I find them (as all their food) not nearly as good as Irene's.. Lilette's are good, Rio Mar"s with chorizo sound better than they taste, Bistro at the Maison De Ville, does a white wine prep, topped with frites and a glob of aioli. Lola's has a cold, marinated verson as an app. Not my to my liking. WF sells them at a reasonable price (considering they are not found in our waters). Really easy and quick to make at home and you'll get much more and probably much better for your effort.

      1. Herbsaint has them and they are very good, served with pomme frittes.

        1. La Cote Brasserie on Tchoupitoulas has some wonderful mussels - both cold and served in a boulabaise. I had the boulabaise on White Linen Night and it was fantastic.

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            I too thoroughly enjoyed the bouillabaise on Saturday night. It had lovely mussels in it. Highly recommended.

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              Luke serves mussels a bunch of ways, including with fries.

            2. edible, where and when is iris moving?

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                moving into the Bienville House location that housed Anacapri and Gamay in a previous life. timing, I'm not so sure about...

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                  i see. how's that space? is it large? I loved the cozy atmosphere at Iris. I can understand wanting a larger space, but I hope they don't lose that atmosphere.

              2. The best mussels I've had in my life are at Vega Tapas on Metairie Rd. They're just as good as the mussels in Belgium.

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                1. I had some wonderful mussels at the Flaming Torch restaurant right off Magazine St.